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Found 15 results

  1. Jesse.karbowski

    Help with sign pricing

    Hey guys! I know this will vary depending on market and area etc. This is my 1st "big" sign project and I have no idea what to price it. It's on a 4'x8' piece of steel and it's 2 sides. I initially tried to cover the steel in vinyl to have a base color, that obviously didn't work well and I wasted a lot of vinyl but I don't want to charge the customer for the wasted time. I ended up painting the steel for the base coat. I'm using 4 colors of vinyl and I've had a few things to layer. It's pretty basic with just font and a tree in the center. Any help on pricing would really help out a lot! Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I might find something like this? I've been looking ALL day but I can't find anything suitable. I'm looking for just the sign board without the lettering, to sell on. Thanks!
  3. I have successfully cleaned the paint off of the acrylic sign. But we are thinking of putting the vinyl on the outside verses the inside. Any suggestions?
  4. I made some Christmas presents for friends and family and I used my cutting machine a lot in the process. I thought I would share the video I made of the process:
  5. Hello all, I am in the process of obtaining a business license as well as a few other things to finally make my vinyl business official. I have found a lot of information already on most of what is required of me but I am not sure about a contractors license. I looked up the contractor's state license board and found they have a classification for sign contractor. it described the installation or modification of a post or pole mounted sign. I don't think cutting vinyl or doing window or car lettering would require a contractors license but I was hopping to offer real estate signs and possible redoing lighted plexy signs and the like. I am in California and would appreciate any insight I can get. THANKS!
  6. Edward Sativa

    garage sign

    From the album: sublimation

  7. My Bf and I made this in illustrator for a mining service Tell us what you think! Please and thank you!! Thinking about adding some pick axes and maybe a coal cart or something let me know what you think! There current logo is just WMT and a bull head they wanted to keep that so I did
  8. BAM

    SignBlazer paid

    Please help, I cannot figure out why signblazer will not import any files besides raster,bitmap. NO VECTOR! I've tried eps pdf ai Pretty much every type i could think of and it will not import them even in the preview it shows the images as black!! Thanks! Where my cursor is in the second screenshot is the setting i chose( use full post script) the final screen is the result. New to sign blazer usually use sure cuts alot pro3 or Flexi but I lost the discs and dongle while moving and my computer that had the software was just wiped clean do to an upgrade! Don't have the money to get new software at the moment.
  9. Marie925

    What is this sign blank?

    I need to get another blank to match this one. It is 16-inches by 16-inches. It seems to be aluminum but in layers. It looks like the front is covered in tan vinyl and then the black is placed on top of it. I don't think the tan is part of the blank - I do believe it is vinyl. Can anyone tell me exactly what this blank is and possibly where to get one?
  10. Ammastor

    Flexi and everyone elses problems

    I have seen a load of posts about the Flexi Software and the USCutter Series cutters not cutting correctly. Stopping half way threw a cut or other problems that people have been having. I have read and read and read and have found no solutions that have worked. This is what I have and what it is doing. USCutter SC Series Cutter FlexiSign Pro Using USB for all connections (which people seem to think is the problem) Updated drivers for flexi for the SC Series Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit The problem is is that it cuts half way threw a cut and stops. Say 39% every time and locks up. reset cutter try again and does it again. restart the computer and it cuts half way threw. People have stated that setting up the cutter for quality medium cut and 1000kb. Didn't help at all. Now keep in mind that I have used Signcut Pro and SignBlazer with outta hitch. and they still work now. I try using Flexi and it locks up and I have to start over. I want to use Flexi as its expensive and I like the way it works. Seems more streamline and the vectoizing abilities work better for what I do then inkscape the the others I have used. What solutions have others came up with? Now I know there are many posts on this subject and not many solutions that I have found. Others also have talked about static which I have everything grounded anyways. Not a static issue. Beginning to completely think that it is Flexi that has the issues as all other program work. Ideas would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has a solution to possible computer settings that would be great as well. Thinking it may be a computer, Flexi, cutter driver, software problem. Improper setup that needs some tweaking. But not to sure on this and dont have a whole load of time to play with it due to the 100 orders aday I get and have to fill with a single cutter. Thank you hope there is a solution in more depth then what I have read. I know someone somewhere has had this problem as I have read but I know someone somewhere has fixed this. Hopeing someone here knows how.
  11. I have a friend asking me to help her install a sign like the attached picture. She'll be renting one of the spaces to advertise her business. Can anyone give me pointers on what kinds of vinyl to use and what the backing (white board) should be made out of? thanks!!
  12. Mx2

    Signblazer Hotshots

    Is the only copy of hotshots the one with the signblazer 6.0.2 install as a trial? If someone has a link to the actual program that would be appreciated! ---MX2
  13. Danny's Signs

    sign we did today in so. cal

    sign we did today in so. cal