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  1. prototype66

    Sign for pops

    My dad has a drive that looks like a shortcut to the appt behind him. He gets too many than he can stand so I threw this up to hopefully slow down the traffic…. Hope it works! Lol
  2. prototype66

    Ready for a new Machine!!

    Hey people, long time no type! Hope everyone is doing well! I’m looking to replace the old cutter and have not looked at new stuff in a long time. Doing mostly small to medium magnets and window stickers, some car graphics and mid size signs ( up to aprox30” ) also planning to start doing appeal and maybe contour cut stickers down the road( once I get the printer next) opinions on best bang for the buck for machine w software. Still using SignBlazer with a sign warehouse GRC 76S
  3. prototype66

    Long time !

    Hey everyone it’s been quite a while so I hope it’s ok to jump back in! Thought I’d share a couple new things I’ve done! cheers Proto~
  4. prototype66

    GCC GRC76s incomplete cut

    thank you very much for the info....might be time for a full upgrade. all of my stuff is from pre 2005...
  5. prototype66

    GCC GRC76s incomplete cut

    just curious ..... no one here has any ideas? I know its been a while since I have visited. i am sorry for that.
  6. prototype66

    GCC GRC76s incomplete cut

    1 second ago been using my cutter for years but occasionally it wont cut the entire image if its too clos to the left edge of the vinyl (4 inches or less) is there a setting i need to adjust. I am also using sign blazers.
  7. prototype66

    back lit and push thru sign

    You guys do nice work
  8. prototype66

    custom neon blade sign

  9. prototype66

    New one for fun.

    Thanks guys..yea I didn't notice the bubbles until after I put it on. I need top do wet app from now on.
  10. prototype66

    New one for fun.

    thanks very much!
  11. prototype66

    New one for fun.

    Just messing around this weekend and did this. I didn't do exactly like the actual logo I just wanted node practice (need to fine tune it more) and layering practice. Been super slow lately.
  12. prototype66

    First Video, PVC cutting

    this is an ad.
  13. prototype66

    United Race Fans Sprint for Autism & Hospice

    very nicely done!
  14. prototype66

    Last wrap, nice, I think...

  15. prototype66

    Hand Carved Foam

    no doubt! The Tiki sign is the Shizzle dude! Gotta see the end product!