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  1. xJoey Dubsx

    Name this font please....

    If anyone know's, please let me know. Happy Holidays all!
  2. xJoey Dubsx

    Origin after vinyl is cut...

    Mine has that set as well. hmm.
  3. xJoey Dubsx

    Origin after vinyl is cut...

    So I picked up a desktop to use rather than my old slow laptop. I got Signblazer on it, and cutter is working fine, but after job it sets the cutter back at the original origin, rather then advancing past the job to next available uncut vinyl. How do I go about fixing this? MH721 with Signblazer 6.0 on Windows 8
  4. One of the guys at my work requested that I make him a set of cornhole boards for his daughter's wedding. Anyone have any set ideas they would like to share? Or anyone possibly have scroll work similar to this that I could add to a set of boards to do something similar as below?
  5. Looking to see if anyone has done one of these, and if you would mind sharing.. Buddy want's one for his Jeep JK, but figured it would be nice to have a TJ one too.. See below: http://alphavinyl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Gecko_Blackout_Jeep_Wrangler_JK2.jpg http://alphavinyl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Jeep_wrangler_tj_hood_blackout_matte_black5.jpg http://alphavinyl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Jeep_wrangler_jk_hood_blackout_textured.jpg
  6. xJoey Dubsx

    Need a script type font figured out...

    You are the man. Thanks!!!
  7. xJoey Dubsx

    Need a script type font figured out...

    Forgot I had to hit attach lol sorry.
  8. xJoey Dubsx

    Need a script type font figured out...

    Maybe Mark or someone else knows it. No luck with WTFont.
  9. xJoey Dubsx

    Thirty-One logo

    Looking for this one: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-iVxVDFixBxU/TrnpDenP_hI/AAAAAAAAALo/nyBpvtehHmk/s320/thirtyone.jpeg
  10. xJoey Dubsx

    Thirty-One logo

    Does anyone have the vector of the "Thirty-One" logo in EPS?
  11. xJoey Dubsx

    MH721 took a crap..

    Motherboard went in with help from Tech Support, had a wrong plug and a plug in 180º wrong. All good and cutting!
  12. xJoey Dubsx

    MH721 took a crap..

    Yeah, I plan on getting a nicer one with a laser. Right now, I am in the process of buying a house so I cant.
  13. xJoey Dubsx

    Light Box for Christmas

    Nice! Showed the fiance, may have to make one for our house.. Any details on how you built it?
  14. xJoey Dubsx

    MH721 took a crap..

    Ended up buying another mother board.. Definitely a burning smell coming from it.