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  1. agreed. you probably need to browse to where you actually put the downloaded file at.
  2. Slack is your friend. I always will pull sufficient amount of slack that the entire cut job can be done without ever pulling direction from the roll, my machine doesn't do well with tension I got laughed at because this is one of the first things I did to my machine ... I added a reflective decal, because it doesn't matter how long I've been using cutters, I sometimes still forget
  3. haumana

    CP-2500 software help

    Welcome to the forum! SignBlazer is a very good place to start. The link that Slice & Dice provided is still working (it's the big blue button that says "DOWNLOAD (34.26MB)". Just know that you will need to turn off your anti-virus to install it. There is not virus or malware in the .exe file, it's just that the program designer has long since passed away, and most versions that are out there have been "unlocked" so that it's no longer in Trial Ware, and you can use it indefinitely. The down side to that is that most anti-virus programs will block the installation of it. It would help us to know what version operating system you are using, as well as how you will be connecting the cutter to your computer. You can find Copam drivers here: https://support.uscutter.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037585432-USCutter-Copam-Driver-Download
  4. I do like the new font. I'm an avid Coke drinker, and will usually pass on Pepsi if a food place doesn't have Coke, so it really makes no difference to me what Pepsi chooses to do with their logo
  5. Thank you for your update. I'm sure others can learn from this.
  6. If you're hoping to get everything back to the same point of origin, you need to make sure that you have the software request to return to the point of origin at the end of the cut.
  7. Is this the very first thing you're trying to cut with this newly installed Graphtec, or have you successfully tried to cut something else? Have you tried using the Graphtec Studio software?
  8. haumana

    PNG Files

    Glad I was able to assist. That's what we're all here for
  9. haumana

    PNG Files

    I'm not seeing any visible border around the graphic. However, I've converted it to several different formats, hopefully one will work for you. Please check your email.
  10. haumana

    PNG Files

    If you're willing to post the file or email it, then I can probably assist you. If not, you can try using a different program to edit it, like Inkscape (which is free).
  11. haumana


    [Good afternoon. I would like to know if it is possible to buy a new license for my machine since the software license was lost with my laptop and now it appears to me that it is with another email. Due to this it is not possible to recover anything I have including the Key Product with your PSN. fcortes2817@gmail.con] I would suggest you contact VinylMaster directly. [Le sugiero que se comunique directamente con VinylMaster.]
  12. haumana

    This please

    If I need to, I will recreate. When I do, I will rarely give the customer the electronic file of the work I've done, even though it would probably be the cleanest file they would ever get of their logo. If they do ask for the file, I may or may not charge them a "setup" or "digitization" fee to at least cover my time and effort. I get it though, I can sometimes clean up a logo while I'm still on the phone with customer during their initial phone call, then they are amazed - of course I send it to them water marked in a secured .pdf format. Hahaha.
  13. haumana

    This please

    You would be amazed at how many businesses that I interact with, who do not have their own artwork for one reason or another. I often dread having to recreate someone else's logo because it seems like reinventing the wheel, but it's the same wheel without any improvements
  14. haumana

    This please

    I suspect it may not be a true font, but one that's either been modified, or it's just a graphic.