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  1. I am of the mindset - if it ain't broke don't fix it ... or the equivalent for upgrading operating systems and/or software. There's a reason why Skeeter still uses an old XP machine If I get my machine to work with a certain software, and it functions with enough features to support what I'm doing, then I leave it be. Though, with the new Windows machine wanting to force upgrades upon machines, that's a tough workaround, because sometimes an unwanted upgrade will break some functionality in certain programs, or no longer wants to support the peripheral devices. It kind of makes me crazy, but thankfully Microsoft will ensure that my IT consulting business will thrive for the foreseeable future.
  2. haumana

    Quick Sublimation job anyone?

    Hey Jeep - I have a CO2 Laser Machine. If you'd want a bottle/flask/rambler or cup/tumbler done let me know. I can do anything that's been powder coated (like the colored Yeti's, HydroFlasks, etc.), glass, or anodized aluminum. The down side to laser is that artwork works best in black & white format (as the laser beam is either on or off - because it doesn't do colors).
  3. haumana


    Sorry to hear that you lost a lot of your work. VM has a very basic ability to configure automatic backups, but maybe this will help. At any rate, if you keep your artwork and working graphic files on a single computer, I would suggest either subscribing to an online backup service such as BackBlaze or Carbonite, and/or get yourself an external drive to manually backup your files periodically. When I get desperate, I will have Explorer search the entire computer for anything with a particular file extentsion (ie. *.docx, *.xlsx, etc.). It might take a while, but it might point you in the right direction. Good luck. Where to open a possible backup file in VM: Default location for my VM backup files: File extension for the VM Backups:
  4. haumana

    Vinyl Lettering preview one website

    This would be such an awesome tool, however, I think you might have to troll Google for Wordpress forums to get a better answer
  5. thank you for updating us. it's always appreciated, and no doubt someone will find this thread useful.
  6. haumana

    Font & Softwares ...

    So this is something I just ran into. I have a customer requesting basic text. When I enter the test in Graphic Studio (because I'm working on my Mac today), and then I did the same in Corel Draw. I'm getting two completely different dimensions, however, when I'm looking at the text in both programs, the proportions look identical. The kerning and text width seem to be spot on in both programs. There's a huge difference in font point sizes, even though the text are exactly the same measured height. Has anyone else ran into this? my mind in blown
  7. haumana

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    I believe in the same philosophy, its just too bad that some of my clients don't agree with me. Not sure why it's so hard for them to believe that I don't do design, I cut vinyl. That's how I would work on websites with clients. Draw me something on a paper or napkin, tell me what colors you want, and I can totally kill the technical side and get it worked up for you, but do not ask me to design it for you, because you will not like what I come up with. Hahaha.
  8. haumana

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    I just tell people that Serif fonts have "feet", and Sans-Serif doesn't. They pretty much grasp the concept ... then usually want something that custom that kind of falls into it's own category from dafont.com
  9. haumana

    Font & Softwares ...

    I don't think I've ever run into stroke widths being an issue when it comes to fonts. But I will fire up a few different programs on PC and Mac and test out the varied font situation. I was also under the impression that font pts. were somewhat fixed - with an approximation of 72pts = (roughly) 1 inch.
  10. haumana

    Font & Softwares ...

    Yup. So, for example, a word in Corel - 4" in height (and 4.873" wide) is 338.491pts. The same word in Graphtec Studio is 2.892" wide and 184.1pts. At the same height, I'm getting very different widths, which the results only become much more pronounced the more words/letters that are in it. No stretching, or adjusting to the width or kerning. I find the pts difference interesting, but fairly inconsequential, as when I do text, it need to be measured in height either in centimeters or inches. What truly baffles me is the difference in width, because it is vastly different.
  11. That would be me in a nutshell.
  12. Remove the protective plastic on the cutting strip. See if the cutting strip has any deep cuts. If there are some deeper cuts in it, you might want to flip it over, or replace it. I always have a new replacement cutting strip on hand just in case. Lifting on cut vinyl can be caused by several things, or a combination of them - too much blade depth, too much pressure, cutting too fast, broken blade tip, etc. If you're going to cut smaller things and/or more intricate designs, slow the cut speed down and you might want to consider using a 60* blade. I personally prefer the 60* from Clean Cut Blades, they last me forever. I believe has a trial version you can test drive before buy, so you might want give that a go. Keep us posted.
  13. So in this screen shot, were it says "Port", you have <Auto Detect> selected, I would go into Device Manager and find out which port Windows has assigned to the cutter to, and select that port in the software. That's a good place to start. The next question is, is your cutter connected directly to your computer with a single cable (ie. not using an extension or a hub)? The cutters tend to function best if tied directly to the computer, preferably one that isn't excessively long. Go from there and keep us posted. Good luck.
  14. haumana

    Let’s see those small shops!

    I am envious that you have a dedicated working space. I have to put things where they kind of fit, and work around that The cutters are in front of my desk, with just enough room for me to load them up. On a good day I have a small table with a self healing mat to tape up. If the project is physically too big to fit on the small table, then I have to clear off the dining room table. I do my best not to take on projects that have longer runs. LOL
  15. haumana

    cutting same colors

    not quite understanding the question or issue. If you select the color red to be cut, then everything that's red will cut as long as it fits in the design space and the media size at you set in your software. It will also preserve the layout so if you have a 36" design with a single red item at the very left, and a single red item at the very right, the cutter will jog all that vinyl between the two different elements. If you have multiple red items, but it's not cutting all of it when you send it to the color, make sure that all the elements are actually the shade of red, because the software will know if it's RGB Red 255 vs RGB R250, and it will only cut the one that you designate. <- That's just an example.
  16. haumana

    MH Cutter carriage issue

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Sounds like you have some serious static management going on.
  17. Super random - any chance those two elements are actually raster and not vector?
  18. If you can't seem to break it apart like you would like, then copy and paste, then node edit out what you don't want to keep from each one. I do that frequently.
  19. I'm a dual platform person, however, I spend the majority of my time on Macs. Right now, the top priority is getting clean cuts, so let's get this done one step at a time. The best way to tell if the cutter is going to perform to your standards, and get the clean cuts you're looking for, is to test it across multiple software if necessary to see if you're getting differing results with the same image. If you are, then it's the software that you should be looking at. I get that the AI plug in was a huge selling point for you, but it's not quite time to throw out the baby with the bath water. Have you downloaded and installed Graphtec Studio? I would select on design which will be your benchmark to test across the board. You know the results that you're getting from going the Mac > AI plug in route, so merge that design into Graphtec Studio and see what those results are. You can also test the design on a Windows machine. Window is not going to be you go to right now, but this is part of the process of elimination to get your machine dialed properly.
  20. You cannot start blaming the hardware, until you've had a chance to test it with other software. Be patient with dialing in the machine until you find the 'sweet spot' of blade depth, speed, and force. It was a learning process with my first cutter (LaserPoint), and another learning process with my Graphtec CE6000. It is what it is, and I would have liked to be able to dial in the Graphtec quicker because I had cutter experience, but every machine is different, so it is what it is. If you're wanting more accurate detail, wait until your 60* blade comes in, hopefully you ordered a Clean Cut Blade. You'll get there. Don't give up on the machine. Just find smaller designs to get your feet wet with this cutter.
  21. haumana

    VM Pro

  22. haumana

    Two Recent Issues w/ my LaserPoint 2

    Is your media tenting? If so, check your pinch rollers, and make sure that they are evenly spaced from each edge (ie. 1" from the right and 1" from the left). Does it tent on all material, or just specific material and/or width? Is the material fairly flat? I have material that has a slight curled at the width edges - which makes me totally crazy, because I can really only use it on small cuts or use it on a cutting mat. How far does the material jog back and forth before it tents? Are you leaving enough slack in your material for the entire job? Material should never be pulled directly from the roll under tension. Another is the possibility that the pinch rollers are out of balance in terms of tension (ie. one has more tension than the other), and/or the rubber on the pinch roller is hardened so it doesn't grip like it should, and/or it could be slightly out of round - like there might be a flat spot(s) because it's not kept in the "up" position when the machine is not in use. It's usually not recommended that the tension be adjusted on the pinch rollers, but do what you think you need to do to fix it. Although, another alternative is to order another set of pinch rollers. You can also try slowing the cut speed, so it will slow the jog speed. Keep us posted.
  23. haumana

    TC631 software

    The cutter is a very simple machine, and SBE works best with a very basic .eps file. If I'm exporting or saving in Illustrator, I will always have it save backwards to Illustrator 8, or an earlier version. Saving/exporting to any version newer than that become problematic for SBE.
  24. haumana

    Software issue

    Take the time to register. It's free, and then you will not need to wait for one of the volunteer moderators to review you your post. If you've successfully cut from SignBlazer, there really was no need to purchase VM. You should check into the connection/communication section of the VM software, and make sure that you have the correct COM PORT selected. If what's designated in VM does not match match the port number that Windows has assigned, then VM is basically sending the signal to the wrong port. Please let us know which version of Windows you are on, and which version of VM you purchased. Have you tried to go back and cut your design via SignBlaser?