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  1. You might need to post the file for someone to help troubleshoot it for you.
  2. haumana


    I do not believe there are any scanners that can directly as any vector file, including .svg, .eps, or .ai. The closest you would get would be to scan to .pdf, or vectorize your scanned image using other software.
  3. I start my vinyl just a little forward of the cut strip. Like Skeeter said, if you position the blade carriage and vinyl where you want it to start, then hit the Orgin button, then you should be good. The cutter should not roll back the vinyl from that point. Just position everything, hit Origin, then send the job to the cutter.
  4. what cutting software are you using, and can you let us know what some of your settings are?
  5. haumana

    Signmaster Support

    I would try darc's suggestion first, and if that doesn't work, then go with slice's.
  6. haumana


    Do a quick read through this thread, and see if this might help resolve the issue. If it doesn't, please come back and let us know. btw - if you register for the forum, which is totally free, then your post will go up automatically and will not be waiting for a moderate to review and approve it.
  7. Sounds like a job for the Tootsie Pop owl
  8. Are you wanting a trace of your graphic or a contour/offset on your graphic?
  9. haumana

    Hello everyone

    Hey Arty - Good to hear from you. Let's see what you've printing. My 3D printer has been collecting dust for a while now.
  10. haumana


    first thing to do - check the blade holder and make sure that there is no debris in it that may be causing the blade not to rotate in the holder (which can possibly cause ripping) second - set the proper blade depth. then perform the test cut from the cutter control panel and see what it's looking like. you may need to adjust your offset and/or over cut. tell us what software you're using, blade degree, cut speed, and if what you're trying to cut is really small and/or intricate.
  11. haumana

    Trying to figure this out (text highlight color)

    There some kind of specific corelation between colors, There's probably some kind of formula that Jerry originlly used, but who really knows what that is. Nice catch though, I never really paid that much attention when I work in SBE. Green <-> Pink Black <-> Grey Red <-> Cyan Yellow <-> Bue White <-> Black etc.
  12. Haave you tried to cut it from Graphtec Studio?
  13. haumana

    Cutting Issues

    Definitely make sure there's enough slack so the entire job does not pull directly from the roll (under tension). A Tripplite keyspan is a good starting point to start ruling things out. I would alsoo add that you can try swapping out the USB cable and test that out too. USB cables don't go bad very often, but when they do, it's not always a work/don't work symptom, it can be inconsistent perfomance/data issues as well. How close (or far) is your computer to cutter? Is this an issue that just started to happen? Any chance there was a Windows update just before you started to have these issues?
  14. have you tried to save/export your .svg file as an .eps, then impore it into VM? there have been incidents where cutting software doesn't do well with large sized files. you can scale down your graphic is whatever design software that you're using, then import it into VM, and scale to the size you need cut.
  15. If you prefer to design in AI, then you can stick with that, and import your graphics to Graphtec Studio. It would help to know what platform you're using,, as Graphtec Studio for PC and Mac are hugely different.
  16. haumana

    Help required with flexi sign

    That sounds like a lot of effort for what seems like a fairly simple graphic. If you have the time and inclination, see if this file will work. shade2.eps
  17. Glad I could offer up some useful advice. I encourage you to take the time and register for a forum account. It's free, and there's no promo or spam email that gets sent to you, but it will allow you to have your posts and responses go up immediately and not have to wait for one of the moderators to approve it.
  18. I can't speak for VM, but I did so someting like that in SignBlazer. I had two cut lines layered over one another get two passes through two layers of vinyl, and then a single line for a weed box outline. Just be aware that you will need to use a tacky carrier sheet if you plan on cutting all the way through the vinyl and backing.
  19. haumana


    Lo mejor que puede hacer es ponerse en contacto con la propia empresa de software y explicarle la situación. Lo que probablemente necesitabas hacer era desactivarlo/desinstalarlo antes de trabajar en la computadora. [The best thing to do is to contact the software company itself and explain the situation. What you probably needed to do was disable/uninstall it before working on the computer.]
  20. haumana

    Help with this font

    Can't find an exact one, but it would be in the Carnival/Cirvus category. There are a bunch that are similar.
  21. haumana

    Stops during cuts

    any update?
  22. haumana

    VEVOR 53 cutter software

    You're best bet is to reach out the SignLab software manufacturer.
  23. I'm guessing it's a 24" machine. Definitely worth turning on and seeing if it works.
  24. haumana

    Launcher cannot connect to corel draw

    The issue is with Silhouette not being able to connect to CorelDraw, correct? Was there an update that occurred with your computer and/or Sihouette?
  25. haumana


    what software are you using? are you sure there isn't an image that's in white and blending in with the workspace background? the cutter isn't going to cut what's not sent to it. have you tried just cutting by color? you can also post the file, and maybe someone else can see what's going on.