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  1. haumana

    Launcher cannot connect to corel draw

    The issue is with Silhouette not being able to connect to CorelDraw, correct? Was there an update that occurred with your computer and/or Sihouette?
  2. haumana


    what software are you using? are you sure there isn't an image that's in white and blending in with the workspace background? the cutter isn't going to cut what's not sent to it. have you tried just cutting by color? you can also post the file, and maybe someone else can see what's going on.
  3. haumana

    * titan 3

    I guess the question to ask is what are you wanting to do with your cutter? I don't have a Titan 3 or Graphtec 7000, but I do have a LaserPoint (i), Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus, and Titan 2. Between the three cutters, I would say that the Graphtec is by far, the most accurate of the all the cutters, and even though my first generation LaserPoint is over a decade old, I feel like it's better built than the Titan 2, though the Titan 2 is much quieter. I would say, if your budget allows, get yourself the Graphtec, or if you're looking for something little easier on the budget, then perhaps a good condition Graphtec CE6000.
  4. I will give those a go. Mahalo Mz Skeeter!
  5. Anyone know if the Titan 2 is compatible with SBE? and if so, which cutter should be selected? TIA
  6. haumana

    Weeding Reflective

    That's a good idea for me to try. I guess I have to decide which is more precious to me - time to weeding reflective, or just doing the negative with the additional cost of regular vinyl. I considered trying to do a reverse weed, but the reflective can potentially peel off in small than fingernail size bit. I already have to fix one sign because the customer didn't know how to rill it out correctly.
  7. haumana

    Weeding Reflective

    A friend has turned over her cutter and reflective vinyl over to me, so that I can do tow signs for her company. Even after declining repeatedly, I am now stuck with this task That being said, does anyone have any advice on weeding the reflective vinyl? I've weeded reflective before, but it's only be for my personal stuff, and it's like 'one and done' jobs. Now that I'm tasked with weeding a lot of text, it's making me crazy because of how fragile and easy to tear the reflective is (Oralite 5700). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I make this less painful? Is there a different reflective vinyl that weeds better that the Oralite 5700?
  8. haumana

    Weeding Reflective

    Trust me, I have tried to my best to get it farmed out, but no sign company wants to take the job on. A year or two ago, the state changed the laws regarding tow signs, and now it's required to have 2" high reflective lettering. Had there been a simple punctuation in the law, the circumstances would have been 2" lettering on a reflective backing, but alas, our state chooses to enact stupid laws, and when it comes to vehicles here - they are just as cherished as fur babies. Out of curiosity, what would a going rate be for an 18"x12" painted aluminum substrate with 2" reflective lettering go for? Before the new law, the signs used to be screen printed en masse, and anything they needed custom, I would just cut, weed and tape it in regular vinyl and charge a couple of bucks. I didn't have to do the installation on to the substrate, and I didn't even have to deliver the decal. As long as my friend was willing to pick it up from me, she just needed to cover the cost of the vinyl and app tape.
  9. haumana

    Adjusting The Weed Box Size

    personally, i usually just make my own weed boxes, because I like to be able to draw in the relief lines where they make sense on how I weed things.
  10. I've tried different vector software, and so far, I've found that Inkscape produces the cleanest results, truer to the raster image than other vector engines. The only other software that I found to be better is Vector Magic, but Vector Magic is not free, but it can do colors. You can give this a try since you're getting into embroidery: https://inkstitch.org/
  11. an alternative would be to post one of the files, so another forum member can try cutting it and seeing what kind results we get. i agree with skeeter to see if another software will do the same thing.
  12. haumana


    [Hello, how can I deactivate my Sigmaster from another computer? My PC was stolen and I don't remember my email.] Póngase en contacto directamente con el fabricante del software para ello. [Contact software manufacturer directly for that.]
  13. Not sure if it applies to this software or not, but will have multiple layers of the graphic cause it to cut multiple times? I know that SBE does, which comes in might handy for me at times.
  14. Excellent advice. Mahalo!
  15. Anyone else out there that runs a Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus & Graphtec Studio setup? I recently did a quick text cut, and noticed that the cut text was smaller then what I had laid out in the workspace. I thought that this was kind of odd, and was concerned that the overall scale was off, but when I checked all the setting, it's all set 100%. I then cut a 3" square, and it was spot on, so I'm wondering if this is just the text that's doing this, and if it is, has anyone else ran into this situation - and if there's a fix.
  16. I'm not impressed with the program either, but I use it in a bind or if I'm just cutting simple text. Though now I know that it cannot be trusted to give me accurate test sizes
  17. Got it. Thanks! not sure why it needs to be that hard. I typed out all caps, and thought it would the right size. Maybe I should be considering SCALP
  18. Thank you. I must have totally missed that
  19. Hello - I'm wondering if anyone knows what the compatible blade is for the Titan 2 machine. My niece just got a machine (second hand), and I want to pick-up a couple of Clean Cut Blades for her, but am not sure which to select. TIA.
  20. I was setting the font height by using the pull handles to get them to be 5/8" (0.625) high (in Graphtec Studio). I ended up with something just under a 1/2"
  21. Live text. It was just a basic sans-serif font, Helvetica.
  22. haumana


    The Cutter will not show up as a printer or device on your computer. It will be detectable via whatever software you are using to send jobs to the cutter. So, we need to know what software you are using, and we can help guide you from there.
  23. haumana

    How to add Roland gs24 to scal5 pro?

    Have you tried to reach out to SCALP or hit up their forum and see if anyone can assist you?
  24. If you are able to, download Inkscape (inkscape.org), and you can use that program to vectorize some of your artwork. It's an open source (freeware) program, and has a very good vectorizing engine.
  25. haumana

    Flexi 8.5 help needed

    If you're getting the blue screen repeatedly, then there is something fundamentally going wonky with the OS. You might want to back up all your data, deactivate any software that can be, then reformat your machine. Even if you can get your cutter connected, the blue screen will keep on happening unless the issue is resolved. If you have assigned COM 2 for your cutter, then you should be selecting COM 2 in Flexi, not USB 2.