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  1. sashatronics

    Whats your workspace look like?

    Here is mine..Other part in garage!
  2. sashatronics

    How do I laminate a banner?

    check this link out.. they note its not good to use FROG JUICE on especially banners and wraps))
  3. I can quote on these, but you do need better file then this. I Print and cut.
  4. sashatronics

    Accepting Credit Cards

    I have not used intuit but square is very easy to use + includes receipt email, signature, record fees, NO hiding fees. I use it once a while. Its infrastructural, is pretty bad ass, and they always improve it. +Square
  5. sashatronics

    cutting my own text?

    You can also create big file, image file in photoshop and vectorise it in vector magic, import it to your cutting soft click cut and there! I usually create my cut files in Illustrator.
  6. sashatronics

    Custom Designs/Prototype

    Just sketches, works to be done, or advise images
  7. sashatronics

    Need a Decal Made

    PM SENT!
  8. PM sent, let me know if you need my help!
  9. sashatronics

    printed banners

    My GS6000 needs real job!!
  10. sashatronics

    Just ordered Epson WF1100

    what about a rip? wich rip you using?
  11. sashatronics

    I need a banner printed

    pm sent!!
  12. sashatronics

    printed banners

    pm Sent!
  13. sashatronics

    Car magnets with reflective vinyl

    Hi all, did this car magnet for a friend, used 6 different colors on this one, reflective cuts same, just have to make sure right depth of blade and cut 2 or 3 times same letters.