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  1. mgraphics

    Need Cutter Advise

    I dont really need good and cheap just the best cheap one lol. It will only be used 1 or 2 times a week so its not really worth paying $2000 for a great cutter. I was just looking for useful information and or reviews of cheaper ones people had.
  2. mgraphics

    Need Cutter Advise

    Hello all we used to do alot of sign work but cut back to only screen printing and embroidery we had a big graphtec and printer the whole nine yards but we sold all of the signs stuff. We are thinking about getting a cheap cutter again for doing small runs with thermoflex. Any recommendations of a good cheap cutter for just thermoflex? Thanks in advance!
  3. We are running a really good deal on screen printed shirts for the next few weeks if anyone needs anything. Just thought we would let everyone know. ( I didnt want to post any prices on here just send me a message if you need anything thanks)
  4. mgraphics

    Printed Banners

    just thought I would be nice and offer that to forum members. I would never sell to my customers at that price. if you guys can sell for $1 per sf with free shipping be my guest. and i print with JETRIX 1212FK
  5. mgraphics

    Printed Banners

    Does your customer want a full color printed banner but you do not have a printer? Let us help you out we will print forum members printed banner for $1.49 per square foot just shoot me a message.
  6. mgraphics


    Where do you get your formed letters?
  7. mgraphics

    Training video

    good vid! what font is that? and or how did you achieve that effect the green part?
  8. mgraphics


    It appears that it has been removed! Thank you to whom ever removed it!
  9. mgraphics


    Why is an advance member with 43 post posting the deal above?
  10. mgraphics

    I need your vote

  11. mgraphics

    sign we did today in so. cal

    letters look good! not sure if its just the angle but it looks like a shady Dr. office lol
  12. mgraphics

    vinyl lobby sign

    where are you getting your stand offs?
  13. mgraphics

    Need to outsource some shirts

    there are 150 black pocket tshirts small logo on the pocket and full back, and there will be 150 black womens tank tops with full front can use same screens from the back print of the tshirts
  14. I have an order for 300 shirts I want them screen printed the design is a 2 color. I am taking bids today and placing the order tomorrow. if you would like to place a bid please call me asap at 931-952-6567 thanks Kyle
  15. mgraphics

    Reflective Vinyl

    reflective just cost more and is a pain to weed it rips very easy also since it is thicker you will need to use more pressure when cutting it out.