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  1. BearlyRich

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    All these years I've never understood why noone simply hostedthe signblazer file on their web site? Maybe I'll find out soon.. Anyway, I've decided to give this a shot. I uploaded the file to my site and tried a test download. Worked fine. So, as long as I don't get into some king of trouble or other grief, it can be found here: It will be there until I getinto trouble, am told it's illegal, or causes too much traffic onthe site. I hope this helps some folks. And, yes I'm stll alive if anyone cares or remembers me? I read here almost every day, helped keep my pandemic sanity... I just can't post from my computer for odd reasons... Rich..
  2. "troll" comes to mind! The thread he replied to was 10 years old... And I use SB and like it very much! Beats the heck out of that $50 'upgrade' software I bought that USC sold for a while...
  3. BearlyRich

    Image clip transfer and fabric spray paint

    Way back when I played with air brushing fabrics, I used Createx paints. Comes in just about any color you'd want. According to directions, for permanence you press at 350 degrees for 15 seconds. I've also heated the stuff on ceramics in a toaster over for longer than that with no problems. Maybe that would work?
  4. BearlyRich

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    Nice to know I'm not the only one with emoji problems... There's a few of he old folks missing. But still a huge group of very nice and knowledgeable people keeping things going. Even though I don't post much here, it's still my favorite forum! And, it's BEarly! :0)
  5. BearlyRich

    CNC update

    I would hate to take $500 for mine... I have more than that in add-ons and accessories alone. I'm kind of stuck with it since it's the first model without the later "improvements". With what it cost me, I just can't bring myself to sell it for what it's really worth... Especially since they refuse to transfer the licensing of the scanner to a new owner! That make a very expensive accessory just an ugly paper weight... Maybe some day I'll look into making it work again and updating the software? I would love to have a large flat bed (4x8) unit but too much money and time involved. Good luck with your project! Hope you keep us posted!
  6. BearlyRich

    CNC update

    I used it quite a bit back when I bought it. Not for anything practical though. Any wood carving it does just needs too much cleanup and finishing... Then I had big beefs with the company and failures to deliver on promises. I finally just gave up in disgust... Apparently after many hardware and software updates, they seem to be past the 'beta' stage and some people now like them. I don't have the time or money for the updates, so it sits and collects dust... I can't even remember what computer my software was registered to? Same BS as some other companies where you can only register one (maybe 2?) computers to use the software. Just too much pain all around for me to stick with it. In your case, for that price, how could you go wrong? Just make sure you get the correct lubricant (and use it frequently) for the routers drive cable!!!
  7. BearlyRich

    CNC update

    Good luck with the Carvewight . I've got one here. Paid $2000 for it brand new and never use it and wish I had never bought it. But for $100, it might be worth it...
  8. BearlyRich

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    There are worse things... As for that "big improvement"??? Not for me. I still have to delete the uscutter cookies in order to use the site and I hate having to see all the individual replies instead of a single listing stating how many new replies there are. Progress... (oh, and not being able to use the emoticons...
  9. BearlyRich

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    Ash; were have you been??? Nice to see you back! Now, where's Roger??? (Gees, still can't use emoticons...)
  10. BearlyRich

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Too confusing! " in the usb and it all worked great " " so I plugged in the serial port plug " " I messed around with different settings and different ports for the usb and I got it to work " What are you using, USB or serial? And what OS? If USB and any windows 7 and up, the usb port may not be the same between computer boot-ups! Especially is the cutter is not plugged in and turned on when you boot the computer. More info....
  11. BearlyRich

    Make-the-Cut software

    Disable your anti-virus while downloading and installing. It's not a virus or infected! The anti-virus software sees the patch (for no more nag screens) as a potential generic threat. It's not and many of us (most?) have installed this very file.
  12. BearlyRich

    Ca't post, reply or use many buttons

    Turned out to be a band-aid... This is the cookie that I have to delete in order to use the forum. ips4_IPSSessionFront Unfortunately, after deleting this cookie, I have to sign back in... and apparently that wasn't the only one... Ah-well...
  13. The Keyspan connects the USB port of your computer to the serial port of your cutter. If you don't have a true serial port on your computer, this would be the next best connection. If you don't have the original serial cable supplied with the cutter, you will also need a good quality serial 9 pin NULL modem cable to complete the connection. And... There are quite a few models of the "630" such as the CT-630. It makes a difference, especially for the ports.
  14. " i am not using the serial port or the usb "??? Seems you'd have to be using one or the other? The only time I ever had SB lock up on me was when I had a communications failure. If you're using USB and not a Keyspan, that's probably your problem. What OS are you using? And what is the cutter plugged into, USB or serial?? The exact model of the pcut would help quite a bit also...
  15. BearlyRich

    Ca't post, reply or use many buttons

    Maybe I solved this... I had already tried clearing my browser cache with no good results. Then, out of frustration, I opened the forum in a private window. It all worked as usual! I looked into the difference of a "private window" No cache of course, but also no cookies! So I deleted all the forum's cookies in firefox. Came back in a normal window and things are working again. I have no idea why a cookie screwed up the javascript functioning? But as of right now, it all works again (although I still can't use the emoticons...) I have absolutely no idea why this also affected explorer? But who cares Hopefully this is a fix and not a bandaid...