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Found 55 results

  1. theshabbylion

    Fonts - Insert swashes etc?

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there is a way to access the bonus swashes, etc of an OpenType font using Flexi 21? Also, how about importing words from Microsoft Word into Flexi? Neither have worked for me so far, but I am far from a professional at graphic design!
  2. I have just purchase VinylMaster LTR. I was sent this image of a Name. I was wonder if there is a way to cut the Name the same way it looks. I am not sure if there a font for this name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. jdmarti1

    Need some help please

    Can someone identify this font, I can't find an exact match.
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I did not see a category for RazerCut (I have noticed lots similarities with VM). I am trying to setup a list of my most used font in the "Favorites List" in the font menu. How in the heck do I add fonts to that list?
  5. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Another font identity?!

    anyone able to help identify this font?? Tried doing my own internet search with blank results
  6. Keystone Kustom Decals

    Help Identifying a Font!!

    Hey all! Newb here looking for some help identifying a font! Attached picture of said font.... Thanks in advance for any help!!
  7. andygeekboy

    Tiny Font

    Any idea what this font is?
  8. LuckyStickerCo

    3D Text

    I searched for this in Vinyl Master Users on Facebook, but there's not enough people there to be a good support team. And VM's tech support is non existent. So maybe someone here can help. I have VM Cut(US Cutter) at this time. What I want to do is maybe manipulate an outline or just make my font 3 dimensional. Similar to pics. Thanks in advance. 3CkPeJy5
  9. VM Cut A friend whom is further advanced did this for me. It was a logo, he made it 3d and then deleted the outline. He's not using VM software, but I need to know if this can be done with any of the VM software.
  10. maddydac

    What font is this??

    I need this font for a project but cannot find it anywhere.
  11. We are adding handmade SIGNS to our Home Decor and Gift products SOLD On-Line. Looking at Vinyl material and mixed media design options for Fall and Christmas products. Can anyone suggest sources of Fonts for lettering, and vinyl materials worth using in a Circut Create machine. Should we investigate other die-cur machines for better SIGN making options? Any start-up kindness, help or suggestions would be really appreciated. Nancy and I are both newbies as cutters, but have been in crafts since 1988. and since 2012 for Home Decor and Gifts that make memories ... !
  12. wickedstangs

    CVFC Font

    I looking for this font: The CVFC Thanks
  13. H2Ohydrographics

    needing the R & M

    Needing the R & M, I feel like I have seen that r a thousand times, looked all through my fonts, turned up empty. Thanks in advance.
  14. slice&dice

    Eight Santas

    Allright, it's not even Halloween, but I want to get a jump on xmas, so here is the download for Eight Santas font Who else wants to chime in and provide their favorite holiday-themed font? (also known as wingdings)
  15. fpunk2000

    font help

    what font is this
  16. H2Ohydrographics

    Any idea or suggestions for vine like D

    Any suggestions on the D in this picture, thxs in advance! Anna
  17. H2Ohydrographics

    Need help with font

    Any ideas on this font? I feel like I've seen it a million times....but now I wanna do something, I can't put my finger on it?! Thxs!
  18. kelliann

    Ready...Set...Find this font!

    I have been asked to give a quote to add to an existing wall design. I need to duplicate the font. I have searched for a while, but some of you just have a knack for finding fonts. Who can tell me what font this is?

    lookin for this font

    Anyone know what fonts these are? It looks like a couple on there.
  20. pshawny

    Font Help

    Any idea what fonts these are?
  21. If you can identify this font i'll give you a gift find out what the prize is when you correctly id it
  22. H2Ohydrographics

    Font on vintage baseball home plate

    Any ideas on what this font might be? Looking to reproduce something similar. Thank u so very much. Anna
  23. galaxygraphics

    Western themed font

    I am looking for a "western" themed (I'm pretty sure themed is a word!) font. I have tried Trocadero, but it needs to be "cleaned up", and I have NO clue how to do that. I have tried, and I have looked at the videos on You tube, and all that. I am just not bright enough to grasp it! Any help, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks AGAIN, in advance!!!