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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone. I’m new here just thought I’d see if anyone could help me. I’ve recently started using a goldcut 721 and on my first day had no issues, cut fine etc. Come back to it the next morning and think the pc had updated maybe or something must have changed because I now I have half blank screen and when I try to send anything to cut it says can’t initialise output device or something along those lines. I’ll attach an image of the screen I see on the cutter. If anyone could point me in the direction of a solution I’d be very grateful It is the goldcut 721 cutter with my pc running Windows 7. Worked fine for one day then now it won’t work.
  2. I am in need of some helpful information about the VinylExpress R Series II (RedSail) plotters and the driver problems with them. I have the R Series II R31, and I have the LXI that came with the plotter from signwarehouse. I have had the plotter for over a year with only a few problems here and there using LXI. I've been in the business off an on for over 20 years and when I started out I had Vinyl Master Pro and a 24" Graphtec that I loved and never had a single issue with. Recently I purchased a new copy of VMP and for the past 72 hours I have not been able to get my VMP to match up with my R Series other than to cut a bunch of really bad text. As an example, if I try to cut the word "TEST" it will cut part of the first letter, all of the second letter, nothing for the third, and only half of the last letter, on top of drawing lines through everything where it is not picking up the blade through a cut. Signwarehouse is no help as they only help with LXI/Flexi, support from VMP is limited to them telling me that several customers have problems with the R31 plotters and their software and they emailed me some things to try and fix the problem, but, as of yet, none have done the trick. Is the idea of getting my VMP to work with my R31 totally out of the question? I'm hoping that you may be able to help me and/or point me in a direction that can help. Glenn Grand Canyon Signs
  3. We’ve just updated all the Tech Support FAQs which deal with current issues, and is available for USCutter customers 24/7/365. Tech Support FAQ: Main Site: You will find many issues are dealt with on this website, and we can add and amend these FAQs as required. We also welcome your input. If you have a technical issue please lodge a ticket here: Thank you for your support
  4. Hello, currently using a mh871 and vinyl master cut v4.0. For some reason all the sudden when my cutter starts going it makes it through what seems to be the first line, usually an outline, then it veers off to the left until it hits the bumper and spools endlessly with the blade down. Ive tried unplugging both power supply and data. Restarted and reopened both the vinyl master cut and vinyl spooler as well as the entire computer with no luck. Please help me lol I have several orders to get done and the machine has zigzagged over almost 10 yds of material! Thank You!
  5. sigilwig44

    Help With Wrapping a Tricky Part

    Dear USCutter forums, Way too recently, I heard about vinyl car wraps for the first time. I'm not sure how I missed out for such a long time; but better late than never I guess. Anyhow, when I first found out about the idea of wrapping a car (or parts of a car) I was obsessed with the idea and knew that I had to try it myself. Being the cheap person that I am, I went and found the cheapest carbon fiber wrap material on eBay that I could. I knew that this was probably a foolish decision, but I decided to try it anyway. I also decided to wrap the side-view mirrors of my car before anything else. I knew this was also probably a foolish decision; but my logic was that if I could figure out how to wrap the mirrors, I should be able to wrap basically any other piece of the car. So here I am, a few weeks later. I've wrapped each mirror a few times and don't quite have the hang of it yet. I'm convinced it's not a material issue, but rather user error. I'll explain why in a second; but let be first show you what I'm trying to wrap. This is a side view mirror on a '97 Taurus, and it's turned out to be even harder than I though it was going to be. Below are a couple pictures of the mirror itself: I know the mirror is already (partially) wrapped in those photos; but now you know what I'm dealing with. A borderline nightmarish amount of curves. Here's the problem though: I know what you're supposed to do is pre-stretch the material, then shrink it back down to fit the mirror. I'm running into some issues with this. First, it doesn't shrink back enough, even if I stretch it lots initially (like 2x the original size, which would be considered "overstretching.") Also, as I try to shrink it; the vinyl start to crease in multiple places and starts to look like this: Although it can crease far worse than what is pictured above. Also, the reason I know that it's not a material issue, is because I recently ordered some 3M stuff thinking that it would solve all the world's problems. It didn't. It certainly did work slightly better than the eBay stuff, but I still ended up running into the same issues. If I try to stretch the vinyl around the curves while it's on the mirror, I just end up overstretching it. I've even stretched it so far sometimes that it's even ripped, but it still wasn't enough to get it around the curves. So basically, I'm having trouble getting the vinyl around the curves of the mirror. Pre-stretching isn't working, and stretching it around the curves isn't working either. What should I try? I feel like I'm missing something. If you guys have any ideas on how to wrap this particular mirror, they would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I just need to wrap it in multiple parts, but I'm not a huge fan of doing that if I can avoid it. Thanks again!
  6. Hola a todos: Tengo un problema con el mi MH 721 MK 2. El asunto es que siempre hay un corte que no me cierra en las esquinas, adjunto un gráfico para explciarme bien. Mi equipo esta instalado via USB y no tengo puerto serie en mi PC. Además para cortar utlizo tanto Corel como Ilustrator, en los dos me sucede lo mismo. Agradecería cualquier ayuda. Gracias por adelantado! Hello: I have a problem with my MH 721 MK 2. The thing is that there is always a cut that does not close in the corners, I attach an image to explain myself well. My cutter is installed by USB and I do not have serial port on my PC. I' ve been traying to cut using Corel and Illustrator, the same thing happens to me in both cases. I would appreciate any help. Thank you! TamaraVL
  7. My cutter is cutting lines where they do not belong. It was to cut a rectangle next to a line of text, but instead, it is cutting an incomplete rectangle on top of the text. It is also cutting the letters of the text line too close to each other so the cuts are overlapping, and even changing the width of some of the ascenders. I do not understand why this is happening. Can anyone give sage advice? -Michael
  8. When I was in IKEA sourcing out my media basket parts for another DIY I'm stumbling through, I saw they had stands all over the store with hanging meter stick rulers that are IKEA branded digitally printed on paper. Customers are free to use them to measure items in their showroom when cruising around their store. They're free for the taking - I asked. I wouldn't take a whole pile of them in one go or anything but two here and there are perfectly acceptable according to the sales rep I was talking to and he encouraged it. It dawned on me that I could use two of these freebies taped onto my vinyl cutter (one on the front of the cutter and one on the back - upside down so the numbers and measurements could be read easily while facing the front of the cutter, both properly measured and aligned of course) to assist in lining up vinyl on the cutter for consistent tracking. Simply align the front most part of the vinyl from the roll or scrap piece to the same ruler line on the back of the cutter's ruler line (both left edge and right edge) and you're more than likely going to be tracking straight. Do some feed tests to see just how accurate or far off your alignment is and adjust accordingly. If you wear these rulers out over time, just replace as needed. They're also handy to quickly see if a scrap piece of vinyl you're wishing to use will fit a design you plan to be cut before you go through the hassle of setting it up. Checking the net, people do make an adhesive tape or transparent film type ruler too though for a more permanent and professional look for your cutter. A Bing Images Search shows adhesive ruler tape (Safe for work). An example of this is also attached to this thread. I don't know exactly where to buy this stuff but with some more Google searching, I'm sure one could obtain it.
  9. Hello everyone. This is my first topic posted. I am posting this to see if I might get some advice on how adjust my machine. I use Oracal 651 material and I am having problems with almost every cut. No matter what I do I cant seem to get the machine to cut objects, letters, etc 100% for example, it will cut designs fine but when I begin to weed i start to see that at certain corners of letters or shapes, it will not have cut a smidge. So it the letters will try to lift since it has a corner that hasnt been completely cut. This is extraordinaly frustrating. I have Sign Blazer trial and the blade off set is set to .25mm I have tried tightening the blade belt and still no luck.
  10. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    I have a graphtec FC7000 and it does not want to turn on. i flip the switch but nothing happens but a clicking noise from the side where the switch is. does anyone know what might be the problem and if it can be fixed. sometimes we get power outages quite often actually, could this be the reason why the machine doesnt want to turn on?? Please help i have a huge project nextweek.
  11. billy80808

    SignCut Pro Text Outline Problems

    Hey guys, i just downloaded SignCut so i have almost no idea what im doing wrong... So my problem is that when i cut using SignCut, Letters seem to get weird triangular shapes/cuts added to them... I have the USCutter MH721 cutter and have been using SignBlazer, and its been cutting fairly well with it except for small incomplete cuts which made weeding a little tricky and difficult... The current design im cutting works fine with SignBlazer, but not SCP. Connected thru USB Baud Rate is the same on both SCP and cutter (9600) Cutter is grounded to the stand Cutter and Stand is on carpet Calibration is on key Preview on cut is perfect Actual cut is messed up only on one letter. Ive tried the design in both .esp ver.8 and .ai ver. 8, same results. If you guys could help me with either the incomplete cuts on SB or the weird triangal cuts on SCP, either would be great! Heres the design that im trying to cut. (The space between "I" and "Fixies" is supposed to be there.)
  12. arfdltr6

    Flexi Software SC Cutter

    I have the Flexi 10 starter software and a US Cutter SC cutter. Both have worked great for me with window decals ect.. I am working on making a custom pin strip that is 18 feet long and 1 inch tall. When I go cut the deer hoves (the pin stripe) it will cut so many and then the cutting blade will drop down onto the vinyl and the cutter will feed the vinyl until i turn it off. I though at first it was because I had the easy weed on. Not the case I turned the easy weed off and the problem is still there. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it. Thanks for your time!!
  13. I have been using Corel 12 with Signtools3(Asigns from Australia)bridge program, cutting sandblast stencil and vinyl with my desktop winXP, usb to serial cable, for 6 or more years. I recently upgraded to Win 7 and Signtools 3 won't run on Win 7 so, I ordered a new copy of Signtools 4 and Corelx4, not here yet. Win 7 apparently doesn't like some parts of Corel 12, but I don't know. I tried to cut a stencil today and the cutter would cut a few patterns right then it would do a crazy x-y runaway thing, drawing straight lines connecting other characters across the drawing. I assume it's a driver problem. I had to download the driver from this site because the computer wouldn't recognize any port for the Refine MH721 Any suggestion other than selling this piece of crap plotter?