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  1. eternalgraphics

    New Guy

    Hello and Welcome from Hawaii here. I hope you enjoy the great community here. everyone here is very helpful.
  2. eternalgraphics

    is your business successful?

    make flyers and business cards to pass out to people you meet. if you make your own shirts make some and wear them where ever you go, put some decals on your car to show what you can do. i had a lot of people come up to me and ask where i get my decals and that opens doors.
  3. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    i cant find it on the board. but when i contacted graphtec they said i would need this. its directly from the email: 792290708 X MOTOR FC2230
  4. eternalgraphics

    Help with graphtec fc7000-130

    I have a similar problem as well. i own the same one as you as a matter of fact. were you able to find the problem or resolve it?
  5. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    does anyone know a place where to buy a mainboard just be itself im confident that i can install it. i called graphtec and they said the dont sell the mainboard to the direct end user and i need to ship the FC7000-130 to one of their ASC buildings in california to have if calibrated. Sadly im in Hawaii.
  6. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    yes i found the problem turns out it is the motherboard. i used a multimeter and the board where where the power source is has electrical current but the motherboard has none.
  7. eternalgraphics

    Is my cutter dead?

    I did the same thing to my Fc7000-130. were you able to get it running after switching the boards? because mines makes a clicking sound and nothing turns on.
  8. eternalgraphics

    New to the forums

    New to the forums and excited to share my knowledge if some dont already have it. If have any questions i will answer them to the best of my knowledge. i hope i can help everyone as much as i can.
  9. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    Oh, Rodger thank you i did use a multi meter tool and there is power running through the board, just nothing on the head up display and the fans dont turn on.
  10. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    i shall give them a call thanks guys. i wanted to see if it would be possible before tech support. probably gunna end up telling me to buy an expensive part lol.
  11. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    the reset method didn't work. I did have a surge protector on probably not the best one, i shall invest in the top of the line surge protector after this.
  12. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    sorry for late reply guys i got caught up at work. but the LED light doesnt even turn on.
  13. eternalgraphics

    Graphtec FC7000 issues

    I have a graphtec FC7000 and it does not want to turn on. i flip the switch but nothing happens but a clicking noise from the side where the switch is. does anyone know what might be the problem and if it can be fixed. sometimes we get power outages quite often actually, could this be the reason why the machine doesnt want to turn on?? Please help i have a huge project nextweek.