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Found 29 results

  1. When I open up vinyl master on my windows 10 computer, I can open some files (the ones that I access often) but when I try to open a file that I have not opened in a long time, it will not open. Any solutions? really don't want all of my hard work to not be accessed. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I purchased an SC2 28” for my wife as a gift and she has decided it is too much machine for what she wants. I have reached out to USCUTTER and unfortunately they will not take it back since it is outside of the window and recommended I posted it for sale on this forum. This machine is opened and stand is built but it has never been used. The blade carrier still has the factory zip tie on it. Please reach out if interested or have any other suggestions for where to post. It is not doing any good just sitting in the office.
  3. El carro que sostiene la navaja no se mueve cuando enciendo mi plotter de corte, ya cheque que las ruedas esten en el carro. Antes hacia mucho ruido se movia y se traba como si algo estuviera atascado pero ahora ya ni siquiera hace eso.
  4. USCutter Edition Updates: This webpage has the very latest builds of all USCutter versions: Non-USCutter Edition Updates: This is the updates please go to this webpage:

    image help !

    when i import an image and vectorize it, it keeps the border of the image and cuts out a square around my design, how do i get rid of this border so it only cuts out my design? please help, i’ve looked everywhere
  6. As someone who is relatively new to the industry and this forum, I wanted to share my thoughts on a software I settled with and would definitely recommend. I would also love to hear your thoughts as well! After recently demoing multiple trial versions of vinyl cutting software and as a hobby user who is new to the industry, I settled on Easy Cut Studio for my vinyl design and cutting software needs. In addition to being very intuitive to use (for example, I downloaded the trial version and within two minutes had connected it to my US Cutter machine and printed my first (pre-designed) decal), Easy Cut Studio and its developers know the needs and desires of those cutting vinyl for hobby, business, and professional use. The platform boasts its knowledge of these needs through many easy-to-learn advanced features (many of which are still far beyond my current understanding and needs) and options for importing files and fonts in a wide range of file formats including: SVGs, open type, and true type fonts, and also PDF files. I was particularly impressed with the way Easy Cut Studio made it possible to scale and format a specified group of decals without needing to go to a lot of extra hassle to get them formatted. Additionally, the software gives the user the ability to “nudge” a design a fraction of an inch if it is not quite printing right in order to better utilize your vinyl – a feature I found really nice for when I’m printing on high-priced material (like premium 3M vinyl). I outlined a few pros and cons below for you to consider when looking at Easy Cut Studio for your personal or business needs. Pros: Really intuitive for a beginner user and has enough advanced features to keep a professional user busy with options. Connects very easily to a wide range of printers (in my case, I am using the US Cutter MH871-MK2 via USB cable and it was flawless and simple to connect) Quick file import and export speeds - this depends on your computer but is also something I've noticed various software types having minor differences in. Options to use pre-loaded fonts and typefaces in addition to the ability to download and import your own desired fonts/types. Free trial version where you can actually print the decals you want to test plus utilize the many features that come with the platform. Many diverse size and scaling options for making the most of your vinyl and materials. Easy and simple one-time payment as opposed to other platforms with costly monthly payment options. Cons: There are multiple small lines that the software will cut through your designs until you purchase the premium - basically if you want quality decals, you must purchase the premium. That said, this didn't distract me much from moving forward with using the software. Interface doesn't appear quite as updated/modern as some Adobe products or other vinyl cutting platforms. Bottom line: I would absolutely consider utilizing Easy Cut Studio for your vinyl cutting needs, especially if you're a beginner or moderate user like me who desires a wide range of diverse and intuitive features for a one-time price. I am very happy with this choice and look forward to hearing your thoughts. I will work to keep this updated as I go with any additional pros or cons I note. Cheers! Alexander - A broke college student who's into vinyl design and cutting.
  7. Ws going on guys if someone could help me out would be a blessing, im a graphic designer & finally would like to get into vinyl cutting but none that im interested in are compatible with my Mac desktop Are they any????? if not i have an old HP lap top i can use but doesn’t have illustrator do any printers come with software that will be similar to illustrator creating outlines & vectors ???? & if so WHAT PRINTER PPL If possible a cutter thats 250$, 500$ Price range im just trying to be a little more hands im not making 500 shirts a day ppl Thank u so much who ever reads this and if anyone has answers or any type of help plz feel free
  8. Clintmifflin

    Wont Detect Device

    Hello all, I have recently purchase the 25" USCutter SC. I have plugged it up to my PC through the USB connection and it will not seem to detect it. I've tried downloading the drivers and everything. It runs through the test fine, drawing the box with the diamond. However when I try to get it send to the cutter through Vinylmaster v4.0 it wont seem to find it. I'm also using win 10.
  9. shankun

    751 Vinyl 15 inch

    Quick question, does 751 in the 15 inch size not come in the nice box that the 651 comes in? Just ordered a bunch and 1 roll came in a box, the others did not. Not that big of an issue because I am using most of it and have a few older boxes I can put the balance in. Just wondering if US Cutter is taking larger rolls and just cutting them down to the 10 yard roll. Thanks for reading.
  10. My cutter is cutting lines where they do not belong. It was to cut a rectangle next to a line of text, but instead, it is cutting an incomplete rectangle on top of the text. It is also cutting the letters of the text line too close to each other so the cuts are overlapping, and even changing the width of some of the ascenders. I do not understand why this is happening. Can anyone give sage advice? -Michael
  11. Hello everyone! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, I was trying to find the correct subcategory for the MH871. I need some help. My cutter will not cut anything small and detailed. I am trying to print two sugar skulls, around 2.5-"3" wide and 3-3.5" in length but the pics below is what it's doing. I am also trying to cut text that's around 4" wide and 2.5" long and it messes up every time. The cut speed is 330, press is 150. I've tried on cut press 130 up to 170 and it won't work either. I've also tried slowing down the speed, down to 120. AND also tried it on two different brands of vinyl. Please help me!
  12. Buen dia, cualquier consulta acerca de estos plotter ofrezco mi ayuda y experiencia para resolverlos en IDIOMA ESPAÑOL asi que espero sus consultas para poder resolverlas juntos, saludos: AGRADECEME CON UN LIKE EN MI RED SOCIAL DE MI NEGOCIO:
  13. Today I am cutting Vinyl lettering for a trailer. I am using Adobe illustrator to create my layout and then sending it to Sure Cuts Alot 3 Pro to cut on my Titan 2. The first file cut some of the text higher than the rest of the word. I decided to start all over with a fresh file and even arranged things a bit different. The same text is cutting out offset each time and then some are and some aren't. I created outlines in illustrator before sending to SCAL. Any idea why this might be happening? I have a customers vehicle here for install and need to figure out ASAP!
  14. Hi, I'm a Graphic Designer in Reno Nevada. I purchased a us cutter Titan 2 vinyl cutter and I'm learning about cutting vinyl decals and t-shirt transfers on a heat press.
  15. SJay

    Titan 2

    Hello, looking Titan 2 owners - what is your impression, concerns, advice Thanks
  16. Hi All:), I have just shifted form Los Angeles to San Francisco, I am in big trouble, I want to gift Italian leather shoes to my cousin on her birthday, I want to purchase shoe by checking it manually can anybody over here suggest any website or address of Italian shoes shop in San Francisco which deals in affordable but high quality Italian leather fashionable shoes.:think: Please reply fast her birthday is on 10-07-2014
  17. KDM_Freak

    GreenStar ?

    Hey guys & girls, So today I think I finally picked a plotter for what I intend to use it for and after talking to UsCutter for over and hour I hope I'm making the right pick. Its the new Titan (not the 2) and well I'm new to this vinyl world but didn't want a basic set up, but need all the right tools so other then the machine I figured I'd go with there Bundle kit that comes with everything I need. Now with that comes greenstar and I got a very very very mixed feeling on that brand. Please someone let me know if its worth the hassle I don't want my in home business to be ruined before it even starts. My business will be for car decals, wall decals ( I am aware there are different types for indoor and outdoor) the bundle don't say what kind just greenstar here is the link: ( ) later on when I learn enough id like to do banners and signs. - Thank you in advance -Mike
  18. Hey everyone, Just thought I would take a moment to share with you our latest promotion here at USCutter. We're hoping you guys can help us promote our great industry. Share your work, claim credit for it, and earn $50. If you want to learn more about this great opportunity take a look here: Best regards, Greatest Luck! David
  19. I picked up a MH871 Cutter today, and I coudn't see it power up, So I got it home and powered it up and the Fan runs, the control panel screen lights but no words, and the 3 led's are lit, and none of the functions on the control board work, Where do I start to troubleshoot this? also does this take a special blade holder or is there aftermarket ones available ? Also how do you tell if the cutter is MKI or MKII ?
  20. The right side of my image will not stay clean even if its the same points as the left. This is hard to explain in text but easy to see in the pictures. When mirroring the image and uploading them at the same time the left side is perfect but the right side is bad has any one ever seen this before. perfect in illustrator, bad in SCA
  21. Ammastor

    Flexi and everyone elses problems

    I have seen a load of posts about the Flexi Software and the USCutter Series cutters not cutting correctly. Stopping half way threw a cut or other problems that people have been having. I have read and read and read and have found no solutions that have worked. This is what I have and what it is doing. USCutter SC Series Cutter FlexiSign Pro Using USB for all connections (which people seem to think is the problem) Updated drivers for flexi for the SC Series Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit The problem is is that it cuts half way threw a cut and stops. Say 39% every time and locks up. reset cutter try again and does it again. restart the computer and it cuts half way threw. People have stated that setting up the cutter for quality medium cut and 1000kb. Didn't help at all. Now keep in mind that I have used Signcut Pro and SignBlazer with outta hitch. and they still work now. I try using Flexi and it locks up and I have to start over. I want to use Flexi as its expensive and I like the way it works. Seems more streamline and the vectoizing abilities work better for what I do then inkscape the the others I have used. What solutions have others came up with? Now I know there are many posts on this subject and not many solutions that I have found. Others also have talked about static which I have everything grounded anyways. Not a static issue. Beginning to completely think that it is Flexi that has the issues as all other program work. Ideas would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has a solution to possible computer settings that would be great as well. Thinking it may be a computer, Flexi, cutter driver, software problem. Improper setup that needs some tweaking. But not to sure on this and dont have a whole load of time to play with it due to the 100 orders aday I get and have to fill with a single cutter. Thank you hope there is a solution in more depth then what I have read. I know someone somewhere has had this problem as I have read but I know someone somewhere has fixed this. Hopeing someone here knows how.
  22. So I just purchased a US Cutter MH365 14" cutter. I was aware of the limited 10" rough width of cutting area and was aware that you have to keep the jobs small do to lack of memory. This is not me complaining what so ever. I love the product for an entry level cutter. What I am doing is cutting 5" diameter decals for cars, etc. at this point and it's working perfectly. I was trying to stretch my use and go bigger, assuming I still needed to stay within 8-9" to stay within a small memory to work safely. I have been browsing the forum looking for an answer and didn't see any, so I ask- What kind of size jobs are people getting out of this machine?? Example. I was trying to cut a 8"X6" logo and it started to cut in an oppisite drection half way through and even cut a mirror image at one time too. I am using Sure Cuts for those that may ask. I am seeing a lot of users say to watch the static and don't use the USB (which I currently am still). I am early in this process and just curious to what this cutter is truly capable of so I have something to work towards.
  23. katebisih

    Vinyl Cutter

    Hi everyone I am new here and have a few questions: 1. My rollers seem to be leaving marks on the vinyl. Is this normal or is there a way to adjust them and if so how? 2. How much vinyl is needed per cut? For example when the cutting starts the vinyl rolls in and out a few times and I can't seem to get it to cut at the ends so I am loosing a lot of vinyl. Any tips on this? 3. Where does everyone get their monogram fonts? 4. What settings should the cutter be on an dhow are those adjusted? I know the set-up guide said 500 and 100 but is this what the majority uses? Thanks so much to everyone reading this and hopefully I can help answer one of your questions one of these days!
  24. On the SC cutter the carriage belt is supposed to thread through the machine and then where is it supposed to hook in the right endcap?
  25. I just received my UsCutter SC in the mail. I have installed everything and set it up but it appears there is a belt that isn't attached on the right side. I think this is the reason the carriage will not move side to side when trying to set the origin. I was wondering how to fix this or if anyone has had the same problem.