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  1. I found out the hard way on Friday......
  2. shankun

    751 Vinyl 15 inch

    that is what i thought. like i said not a big deal, just wish i didn't toss out a few empty boxes. live and learn i guess. thanks for the reply
  3. shankun

    751 Vinyl 15 inch

    Quick question, does 751 in the 15 inch size not come in the nice box that the 651 comes in? Just ordered a bunch and 1 roll came in a box, the others did not. Not that big of an issue because I am using most of it and have a few older boxes I can put the balance in. Just wondering if US Cutter is taking larger rolls and just cutting them down to the 10 yard roll. Thanks for reading.
  4. shankun


    pretty sick!
  5. I don't think I have ever posted anything I have done. Here is a banner I did for my father in laws surprise birthday last year. He is a super huge The Doors fan.
  6. shankun

    serialized numbers

    you can make an excel file and do a data merge.
  7. shankun

    t-square it on sale

    Goes on sale after I just bought it (3 weeks ago). Seems like what ever I purchase here goes on sale a few weeks later........
  8. depends on what material you are using for one. "i figured almost $11 per sign in just material" but you think that charging $15 is too much? That is just $4 you would be making. It comes down to how much your time is worth (as others will say). But if you post what material you are using and how complex or simple the design is people will be able to let you know how much they would charge and you can base off of that.
  9. Just throwing this out there. How is the humidity in the room? I ran into this issue over the weekend, turned on the dehumidifier and all my cutting problems were solved (well not instantly, but when the humidity came down it started cutting perfect again).
  10. shankun

    Running in Parallels?

    Well, I was able to go to Safari put in the address, put in my info and serial number and computer ID, got my registration code. Put it in and made a quick test cut. So I would chock this up to a success. I will update if I run into any issues.
  11. Put it simple, USB crapped out on my laptop. Fired up my old laptop but have to close out and restart the cutter and program due to a sending but not cutting issue, pretty sure it has to do with the computer being about 3 million years old. Would love to use my MacBook Pro. Running parallels I am running into a no internet, off line registration required. Is this typical? Went to the site listed on the bottom of the offline registration and says not found. I have another computer I can use, just figured it would be easier to use my mac in parallels. If this is a known issue and will not work I will dump this idea and not spend any more time than the 4 minutes I have so far.
  12. @madhatter, they were done with a color laser printer.
  13. shankun

    Need a bit of help going insane....

    This help? Dodge
  14. I just made my buddy a decal for his VW, just turned 400,000 miles....................... Not looking to ruffle feathers. Carry on. BUT, if I could add to this just a little, why not use a quality vinyl sheet and a laser printer? I have some stickers I printed out about 6 years ago on my car that look like the day I put them on, no laminate at all. Tried with a few different types of vinyl sheets, full color contour cut, laminated and not laminated. All are still holding up fine. I made some window clings when we first got into digital printing that are still being used.
  15. shankun

    Transfer Carrier Sheet???

    I use acetate sheets that I cut to 15 x 25, spray them with some repositionable spray.