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Found 4 results

  1. I just got an MH365, hooked it up by USB to my laptop running Ubuntu. It was automatically recognized and added as a printer. I started inkcut version 2.1.5, the current version for Ubuntu 20, which found the device, but didn't automatically select a driver. I selected US Cutter Refine MH-721, the one that seemed closest to MH-365. If I plot an image using inkcut or by sending the HPGL file directly to the printer device, the plotter draws (I have pen and paper in it for now) a somewhat recognizable path but I consistently get the same kind of corruption. See the image below, where I plotted the file twice. The HPGL file looks fine in an HPGL viewer. The HPGL file is also attached here. The errors seem to be of two kinds: a vertical segment followed by a horizontal segment get combined into one diagonal segment - see the left edge of the letter H, for example an x co-ordinate is drastically incorrect, usually at or near the x origin - see the triangular detours in the circle, for example What is going wrong? Thanks in advance, Mike P.S. Since it's a new machine I'm really trying to determine if it's a problem with the software/file or with the machine itself. I don't have a windows machine handy to try other plotting software or another plotter to test the HPGL on. If someone could run this HPGL file on their plotter, or send me a small HPGL file that is known to work on an MH365, that would be a big help. circle.inkcut.hpgl
  2. mach1970

    Mh365 Driver Download

    Hello, Can anyone help me with a driver install problem? I am attempting to install the driver disc for my Mh365 USCutter on my computer w/ (Windows XP) . Durning the attempt to install a box pops up and says ( The driver is sucessfully pre - installed in advance please insert the device. And select automatically install in the ( Found new hardware wizard ) dialog box. Ignore the warning of windows logo testing. Click the continue anyaway button until finishing). I donot have much experience with installing drivers . So if anyone has some detailed steps to help me complete the installation of the of the driver disc or another way to download the Mh365 driver please let me know. I am also uncertain as to which cable to use between the computer and cutter. Any detailed step by step advice will be greatly appreciated . Thank You Ronn
  3. So I just purchased a US Cutter MH365 14" cutter. I was aware of the limited 10" rough width of cutting area and was aware that you have to keep the jobs small do to lack of memory. This is not me complaining what so ever. I love the product for an entry level cutter. What I am doing is cutting 5" diameter decals for cars, etc. at this point and it's working perfectly. I was trying to stretch my use and go bigger, assuming I still needed to stay within 8-9" to stay within a small memory to work safely. I have been browsing the forum looking for an answer and didn't see any, so I ask- What kind of size jobs are people getting out of this machine?? Example. I was trying to cut a 8"X6" logo and it started to cut in an oppisite drection half way through and even cut a mirror image at one time too. I am using Sure Cuts for those that may ask. I am seeing a lot of users say to watch the static and don't use the USB (which I currently am still). I am early in this process and just curious to what this cutter is truly capable of so I have something to work towards.
  4. Hello everyone. This is my first topic posted. I am posting this to see if I might get some advice on how adjust my machine. I use Oracal 651 material and I am having problems with almost every cut. No matter what I do I cant seem to get the machine to cut objects, letters, etc 100% for example, it will cut designs fine but when I begin to weed i start to see that at certain corners of letters or shapes, it will not have cut a smidge. So it the letters will try to lift since it has a corner that hasnt been completely cut. This is extraordinaly frustrating. I have Sign Blazer trial and the blade off set is set to .25mm I have tried tightening the blade belt and still no luck.