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  1. SJay

    What cutter for me? New to the scene - Mac User

    I have a Titan 2 on an IMac running Scalp 4.0 on USB and love it - works great
  2. What about protection via my Credit Card Company???
  3. If I buy something on Craigslist and pay via Paypal do I have any protection - Paypal policy seems a little vague?? Thanks
  4. SJay

    Merry Christmas!!

    :mellow:Merry Christmas
  5. Remember "Spam is the Ham that didn't pass its physical"
  6. SJay

    split a picture

    Slice tool
  7. SJay

    split a picture

    use PhotoShop and split it
  8. SJay

    Why won't 631 stick to this paint?

    50/50 water and alcohol mix Clean the wall with above it may help
  9. Does anyone have graphics that would work in a home theater room - looking for something similar to graphic below. Could use it with a few less details. Thanks
  10. SJay

    what do you use to remove old vinyl?

    We've used the wheel on a van this summer - worked great
  11. I built this out of wood - going to have to make a new one that is double sided to hold more rolls. The next one will be on casters so I can move it out of the closest,
  12. SJay

    Vinyl Holder

    My DIY vinyl holder
  13. Great time to be alive