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  1. Does anyone have graphics that would work in a home theater room - looking for something similar to graphic below. Could use it with a few less details. Thanks
  2. SJay

    What cutter for me? New to the scene - Mac User

    I have a Titan 2 on an IMac running Scalp 4.0 on USB and love it - works great
  3. If I buy something on Craigslist and pay via Paypal do I have any protection - Paypal policy seems a little vague?? Thanks
  4. What about protection via my Credit Card Company???
  5. SJay

    Merry Christmas!!

    :mellow:Merry Christmas
  6. Remember "Spam is the Ham that didn't pass its physical"
  7. SJay

    split a picture

    Slice tool
  8. SJay

    split a picture

    use PhotoShop and split it
  9. SJay

    Why won't 631 stick to this paint?

    50/50 water and alcohol mix Clean the wall with above it may help
  10. SJay

    what do you use to remove old vinyl?

    We've used the wheel on a van this summer - worked great
  11. I built this out of wood - going to have to make a new one that is double sided to hold more rolls. The next one will be on casters so I can move it out of the closest,
  12. SJay

    DIY Vinyl Rack

    From the album: Vinyl Holder

  13. SJay

    DIY Vinyl Rack

    From the album: Vinyl Holder

  14. SJay

    Vinyl Holder

    My DIY vinyl holder
  15. SJay

    DIY Vinyl Rack

    From the album: Vinyl Holder

  16. Great time to be alive

  17. how to post pictures

  18. SJay

    Weld or Merge in SignCut Pro

    Hello: I have the most recent version of SignCut Pro1.96 for Mac. I created text in AI CS6 and then sent it to SignCut using the included plug-in. The text needs to be welded or merged. I can not see this function in SignCut. Does anyone know if it has that capability to merge or weld text? Thanks
  19. SJay

    Weld or Merge in SignCut Pro

    Thanks for all the suggestions. What I ended up doing -- In Illustrator under the type menu I created an outline. Then using the pathfinder I used the unite button. That basically welded all my text. Sent it to Signcut and it worked. I did save the AI file under a different name so I could go back and edit the original text if I needed to.
  20. SJay

    SB with Titan plotter? I think someone got it work - see the link above
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    Yes, thanks very much
  22. SJay

    Titan 2

    Hello, looking Titan 2 owners - what is your impression, concerns, advice Thanks
  23. SJay

    All The Dads

    Thanks, I have 3 great children and a new daughter-in-law - I am blessed