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    New SC2 Never used For Sale

    Good morning! Appreciate the reply! I didn’t see the buy, sell section at first glance but I will check that out. She has been using a table top sized cutter for years and has been talking about wanting to make larger designs, so, trying to be intuitive… : ) I tried to surprise her with a setup. She installed the software it came with and has played around with that, so I will have to take a look at whether it was registered or not. Thanks for the tips! I will download that software you mentioned. I know I would want to see it working too if I was buying. My goal was to just show it hadn’t been used.
  2. Hello everyone! I purchased an SC2 28” for my wife as a gift and she has decided it is too much machine for what she wants. I have reached out to USCUTTER and unfortunately they will not take it back since it is outside of the window and recommended I posted it for sale on this forum. This machine is opened and stand is built but it has never been used. The blade carrier still has the factory zip tie on it. Please reach out if interested or have any other suggestions for where to post. It is not doing any good just sitting in the office.