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Found 6 results

  1. A heads up. SignCut Pro 2.0 Final has been released. It is now out of beta officially. You can download a three week trial from the old 1.96.7 version website can still be accessed from this URL: The Windows version is a 94.4 MB download. The Mac version is 21.4 MB in size so that's kind of interesting how much smaller the installer is... Note: Their new website is horrendously slow now and one of those Wordpress templated, heavily Javascripted, vertical scrolling forever monstrosities with giant fonts and massive web graphics (as seems to be the rage by every web script kiddy) so be prepared to have things crawl to a snails pace.
  2. A heads up, SignGo 1.20 has been updated finally as of June 17, 2017. The cutter devices list has been updated too. Change Logs Page on Website (Details changes to builds): SignGo Pro 1.20 FD (Flash Drive / Dongle Edition ONLY) Download URL Note: SignGo doesn't publish this URL any longer on their website for some reason, which is extremely frustrating to legitimate dongle owners (like me) so BOOKMARK THIS UPDATE LINK! Otherwise, if you don't have a dongle edition, you can use their latest 30 day trial build to update your existing regular license installation. Version: 1.20 Date: 2017-06-17 Saturday 10:36:00 - Amended Vinyl Express Cutters to include blade offset support - Added Roland GR Series - Tweaked Creation PCUT CS series (added @ to reset string and changed start strings) - Added Vinyl Express R Series II - Added Redsail RS360C/450C/500C - Added GCC Jaguar 5 Series - Added Mutoh ValueCut Series - Added Roland GS Series - Added Calortrans CT60 - Added Goldcut JK Series Upgrade Instructions PDF Look below for a PDF I created that details the download and update procedure complete with screenshots and all relevant information to help you upgrade and get going again. Save this PDF file in your archives as it's super important! In fact, if you have the FD version just copy it over to your Flash Drive itself - it's got 8GB of free space on it after all. SignGo Upgrade and Download Links.pdf
  3. Omkar Limbore

    Cannot contour cut in FlexiPro 10

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to contour cut using my SAGA 720II, I've seen many tutorial on YouTube but the adjustment box which appears in the tutorial doesn't appear for me. It directly sends the job to the cutter. I'm using FlexiPro 10, also I couldn't add the setup for Saga 720II in production manager so I'm working with Saga 720I.
  4. LuckyStickerCo

    3D Text

    I searched for this in Vinyl Master Users on Facebook, but there's not enough people there to be a good support team. And VM's tech support is non existent. So maybe someone here can help. I have VM Cut(US Cutter) at this time. What I want to do is maybe manipulate an outline or just make my font 3 dimensional. Similar to pics. Thanks in advance. 3CkPeJy5
  5. Brandiland

    Signcut Pro with ARMS help

    Alright, so I've dug around on here for a while. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, but I've seen quite a few intelligent people, so I figured I'd start here. I'm using Signcut Pro with ARMS on a Saga 2400 cutter. I've read the instructions they give on how to align my registration marks. I even made my own registration marks at 25mm long in each direction (as suggested). I'm not sure my cutter is trying to see those marks. It's not consistent in its errors, making it very difficult to find the problem. Sometimes, when I click "ok" to cut, nothing happens. Sometimes, it trails off to the left and up as if it's looking for the registration marks, but then stops short, and begins the cut, or draw,in my case. I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone who uses the ARMS system with Signcut Pro help me?
  6. Why does my cutter always do stuff like this on larger scale cuts (see attached jpg). I have a MH871-MK2, I use SignCut Pro on a Mac, and I hook it up with a serial keyspan adapter. It cuts diagonal lines though parts and then continues on as if it was done cutting that area. It does pretty much the same thing regardless of if I use the pen on paper or the blade on vinyl. Also attached is a pdf is what the design is supposed to look like. I'm trying to cut it 22"x22". PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks! #andylovesemily.pdf