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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'm using SignMaster v3. I have a design that I'm trying to send to RIP and print to plotter, but it prints the markers wrong and it's not readable. If the circle I'm trying to print and cut has markers at 15cm distance from each other, on the X axis they are at 15cm but on the Y axis they are at 12cm. The circle is printed correctly. Things I've tried so far: 1. Reinstalling the software - no change 2. Trying JPG and TIFF formats - same thing 3. Print as PDF, saving as PDF through Microsoft PDF and then sending to print - didn't work. If I choose print directly on a digital printer it works fine. But, when needed to be sent to rip, it doesn't. I'm using FlexiPrint for rip. Scanned PDF.pdf template.pdf
  2. Hey Guys, I'm a newbie in the cutters world. I have a Graphtec CE-Lite 50 and cannot get on with a contour cutting. I use Corel Draw & Cutting Master 4. I open the image in corel draw, I make a boundary to get a contour around my image, put a registration mark on too and then I copy the contour to a new tab. I print the image from corel draw including registration marks. Put the printed sheet into the cutter set everything up, the machine scans and sees the registration marks as well. I send the job the copied contour to the cutter to do the cut and it does the contour cut perfectly but the cut is slipped off the print for some reason. It doesn't cut the printed image around it does the exact same shape but slipped off the image a few millimetres... I have literally spent my whole day to try to figure this out, but I couldn't get on with it. Any help would be much appreciated, because I have absolutely no idea how to sort this out. Thanks in advance
  3. SO I got a Titan 3 SE a few days ago and I mostly do print and cut, contour cut stuff. I have a Titan 1 that I was using for this and it was fine (using the laser to set the registration marks)... so the Titan 3 has ARMS and that was supposed to cut my workflow down a ton... so on and so forth. Well I can't get the thing the cut accurately. I'll print out let's say 100 3" x 5" rectangles, 5 to a row, 20 deep. The Titan scans the barcode, loads the job, and gets to work. The first row is cut perfectly, then the issues start at the second row. It will cut too high (towards the front) about .5mm and then goes up from every row after that. By the time it's in the middle, it's a good 2mm off. If you let it run without doing any adjustments, it will get back on track and the last couple of rows will be closer and then the last row is perfect. I try this same thing with just 50 rectangles (5 to a row, 10 deep) and it is the same outcome. Using VinylMaster and I have calibrated the ARMS offset and Laser about 100 times, it's dead on when doing the tests and/or practice cuts. The vinyl is being loaded straight (no issues with left to right). I called USCutter support and they said to make sure some options were unchecked (they weren't even on in the first place) so that wasn't the issue (for reference, they said "Tight Packing", "Force Position", and "Preserve Cutting Order" but again they were never on to begin with). Anyone have any clues as to why this is happening? At this point I'll try anything. This ARMS stuff was supposed to make my life so much easier but all it's done so far is cost me money.
  4. Hello guys n gals, I hope someone could get me out of this very annoying problem. I just bought a Graphtec Ce-6000 and im trying to do a print and cut. But when it starts cutting it does it on a very different spot then where the image is. I use: Adobe illustrator CC with the Cutting master 3 plugin. And for this using Neenah transfer paper A3 size. I made a print layer and a cut layer with registration marks. i then print it and then send it to Cutting master 3. But it seems it doesn't seem to find the registration marks. I think it doesn't even search for them. But ARMS is on.. What am i dong wrong? I hope someone can tell me. And what are the correct settings to use?
  5. I am not new to vinyl cutters and I currently have 3. I have two Silhouette machines (made by Graphtec) and one 50" SC cutter. Lately, all I have been doing is print and cut sheets on a laser printer. Mainly I print multiple color designs via Adobe Illustrator on a 12" x 18" sheet with Silhouette Cameo registration marks. I then have to put the printed sheet onto the 12' x 24' sticky carrier sheet and then feed that into the Silhouette Cameo. I use the Silhouette Connect software as a plugin for AI and then it sends my AI file to the cutter and then if I cross my fingers and the stars align it reads the registration marks the first time and I am usually good from there. It is then a slow process of cutting but the quality is good. So I am considering a few options... - another Silhouette Cameo so I don't have to wait as long (~$250) - Titan 3 15" and ARMS via VinylMaster (included) (~$800) - Graphtec CE-6000 15" ($1,200) I am leaning more towards the Titan 3 new or refurbed. I haven't seen any examples online of it using the ARMS and I have read some people having bad results. Does anyone here have any experience with using ARMS on the Titan 3? If it requires buying new software like DragonCut ($300) then there is no real savings. I would be better off getting the Graphtec and being able to have the similar, if not an identical workflow, but hopefully no carrier sheet. Also, I mainly work on the Mac but I do have a Windows box available. I usually run 10 - 30 sheets per job so speed is a consideration. If someone was willing to show me theirs in the Chicago area or allow me to try a sample I will pay you for your time. thanks -david
  6. HolyMoley

    New Cutter Advice Needed

    Hello everyone. I've spent countless hours over the last couple of weeks researching cutters in an effort to find the best unit for our needs that fits within our modest budget of $1000. I will be doing some detail oriented cutting. So from what I've garnered so far it seems I would want a unit with servos both for the accuracy in cutting and in tracking material for longer cuts. I will also be doing some contour cutting. Considering our budget and these needs I have more or less settled on either: The 50" Titan II with LaserPoint, or The 28" Titan III with ARMS, or The 54" Titan III with ARMS All of these are presently sub $1000 cutters. The Titan II has LaserPoint which is a manual way to register for contour cutting. I have watched videos and from what I've seen it appears to be pretty accurate, but I was wondering how it stacks up to the accuracy of a cutter using ARMS, especially in longer (4-5 ft) cuts. It has a one year warranty and is the least expensive of the three by several hundred dollars. The Titan III 28" is the smallest I would feel comfortable with, and I would be hesitant at that. I'm afraid the narrow width would potentially limit what we could cut down the road. But it does have a two year warranty. The Titan III 54" is being offered through a sister company of US Cutter who specializes in offloading closeout equipment at a very good price, in fact the same exact price as the Titan III 28" (but with $150 shipping charge). However there are a couple of huge caveats that go along with this special price: 1, NO warranty or support 2, potential problems with the unit itself. I have read that the 54" Titan III cannot accurately track and/or cut certain common widths of material, such as 12" or 24" due to the roller placements. I'm assuming this issue is why these units are being closed out. To overcome this limitation I would simply not buy rolls cut to the widths the machine has problems with. Does anyone have experience with any of these machines? How important is a warranty? Do these machines commonly break within the first year or two where the warranty would come into play? I really would like to place my order today or tomorrow, but I am having a hard time deciding which is the best option, so any help/advice would be most greatly appreciated.
  7. I have a unique problem. I have Flexi 12 that I use for most of my designs and to print on my L25500 and L260 printers. However I cannot seem to get my new Titan 3 68" plotter to function correctly for contour cutting using ARMS feature. I also have vinyl masterxxpt which works great with the Titan 3 and arms system however doesn't work with my printers. I know flexi cannot open a vinyl master file and vice versa. Is there a file format I could use that both programs can use properly? So I can print with flexi and have registration marks printed, the run the contour cutting using vinyl master? Thank you in advance, Joseph & Kimberly Derry
  8. Brandiland

    Signcut Pro with ARMS help

    Alright, so I've dug around on here for a while. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, but I've seen quite a few intelligent people, so I figured I'd start here. I'm using Signcut Pro with ARMS on a Saga 2400 cutter. I've read the instructions they give on how to align my registration marks. I even made my own registration marks at 25mm long in each direction (as suggested). I'm not sure my cutter is trying to see those marks. It's not consistent in its errors, making it very difficult to find the problem. Sometimes, when I click "ok" to cut, nothing happens. Sometimes, it trails off to the left and up as if it's looking for the registration marks, but then stops short, and begins the cut, or draw,in my case. I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone who uses the ARMS system with Signcut Pro help me?