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  1. jderry1978

    Titan 3 Fan

    When the Titan 3 is turned on and idle, should be able to hear the fans running? Currently the only time I hear the fans is when I move the carriage. Then the fans only blow in one speed and their is still no vacuum hold down. I have ensured the connections to the fans and motherboard are securely attached. Still no effect. Plus when I change the fan speed setting in the plotter itself, it doesn't have any effect. Thanks for the info.
  2. I use flexi 12 with a Titan 3- 68" plotter with no problems contour cutting. You have to change in production manager, how far apart before a middle registration marks is needed. The max is 50". So as long as you are cutting 4ft x 4ft worth of decals at a time it works perfectly. I have several videos of it working on YouTube, under Bob & Tom's Graphics.
  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I was researching the p800 printer and epson sells a roll adapter that allows the printer to 17" rolls of material. I also noticed several of the specialty media states it is 100% cotton. One media is named hot press natural media and states it is a rag material. So my question is, why can't the Ultrachrome HD ink be used to print on shirts? It states the HD ink has up to 5 times more pigment then the K3 ultrachrome ink. What exactly is the difference between the ULTRACHROME HD ink and DTG ink? Again I apologize if it is a dumb question, but am just curious as to the answer. Thank you very much
  4. jderry1978

    Titan 3 Contour cutting with Flexi 12

    I have been able to use my TITAN 3 68" arms system with flexi. I have it connected by USB cable. Underrated manufacturer named, select titan. Make the contour cut but not the marks in flexi. Let the production manager put the registration marks. On the far right tab you should have arms plus contour marks. It's the only option there. I'm not sitting in front of my computer. But you also have to go into production manager and change the middle registration marks to occur every 50 inches. The biggest you can set them. They only print as straight lines instead of T marks. So when the plotter reaches there, it tries to find them and wont, then you will get message pop up saying unable to find mark, select yes. It will go back to prior mark Re read and then skip middle mark. Go to YouTube and search Bob & Tom's Graphics contour cut and you will see my setup cutting and then me weeding it. I will make a video of what steps I have taken. It works great for me.
  5. jderry1978

    Flexi 12 production manager won't open

    Hello all, Last Thursday I was using flexi to print and cut some heat transfer. Worked great. Got back from vacation today, and flexi opens as usual, then when I select rip and print, it shows the PM icon on bottom of desktop but that's it. You can go to the production manager or access it in anyway. I have not installed any new software including Antivirus software. Has this happened to anyone else? I searched online and already disabled my Bluetooth, and went under edit and preferences in flexi and unselected the tcp/ip option. And still nothing. I have jobs depending and don't know what to do. I have already sent support ticket to flexi. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thabk you
  6. jderry1978

    First Covered Trailer

    Awhile back I asked for some advice on how to price graphics for an 18ft Covered Trailer. Long story short I got the job, and here is how it turned out.
  7. Wildgoose, you are correct, it is basically a single color vinyl. Luckily it has removable screws that will make the install easier. For the full color sponsors I am going to charge separate rate, then just the single color stuff. Appreciate through feedback, thank you
  8. I have recently opened a sign and graphics shop, and when it comes to making,applying, and designing i do pretty good. Its the pricing that I'm not sure about. I have seen several calculators on here but I'm still not sure what to charge. I have an 18' covered trailer that the boy scout want graphics put on. They want it to look pretty similar to the attached photos. Same Color scheme. Except they also want on the back the logos of all their sponsors in full color. Could someone please give me an idea of what you would charge for just the graphics by themselves and then an amount for graphics and labor to apply? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joseph Derry
  9. Has anyone had experience using this printer to make transfers for shirts. I love the fact it can print white. I currently do printable vinyl heat transfer and straight solid color heat transfer, and for the most part works great. My main problem is cutting and weeding really small lettering to go over/on pocket of a shirt. I am currently trying to make shirts for a barbecue place, who uses lettering that looks like logs. That sh*t is impossible to weed. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Wildhorse, thank you for your response. that's what I will do.
  11. I know that if I print for example a cartoon character for a kids shirt, that once printed I just contour cut the heat transfer vinyl. my question is, what do you do when you have printed a small logo that is too small to contour cut everything. Do I just leave a white patch of material around it? The reason I'm asking is a customer ordered a tshirt for a fence company, and the logo has a section of barbed wire fence, that is very thin and small, i don't think it will weed if I try contour cutting it. What do you guys do in a situation like this? thank you in advance
  12. jderry1978

    Siser mask full of red ants!

    oh, I opened the cutter right away. but had so many banners to do, that I didn't open the heat transfer tape. it's actually a 12ft by 32ft wood portable building I bought. when we first got the building, we sprayed the inside and around the outside perimeter. these are the first insects we have seen other then the occasional mosquito. I also had the box laying up in the loft. will definitely look into the granules to spread around the outside
  13. I got a roll of Siser mask with my new Titan 3 plotter a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't needed to open it. Tonight I was working late in my shop and happened to look up and see a couple of ants on the sealed box, so I swiped them off and more appeared... so my wife and I opened the box to find it full of red ants! They were all between the layers of material and had a full nest happening inside the roll! Is that glue like catnip to them or what? Anybody ever seen this? After we unrolled the material we also found "something" growing on the backing on the material too. Keep in mind, this box has been sealed, taped up completely since I got it. Anybody else ever have this, or have suggestions on how to prevent it???
  14. I am cutting names to put around yeti tumblers and was wondering if I should/how to allow for the curve of the tumblers, that way the names stay level or get distorted. not sure if I should put here or in flexi section. if it needs to be moved I will be happy to delete and repost. thanks in advance.
  15. jderry1978

    Bayliner Boat Decal by Visual Expressions

    Looks great, excellent job.