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  1. Hello! I unfortunately don't have a Pantone Solid Coated color book right now, as I rarely need to color match to Pantone colors. However, I'm having some bad color translations from screen to screen, so I am looking to see if anyone could possibly color match 3M's Dark Red 483 (Mine is in my Commercial Solutions Swatch card, under Scotchcal 50) with a Pantone color from the Solid Coated Color book for me, please? I got in touch with 3M's tech support as they typically help me with my Pantone Color matches, but they said they don't have a code for that color. Thank you!
  2. DHCJami

    totally un vinyl related cheap Rome cruise info

    Actually really good to know, my husband and I have been wanting to take a vacation somewhere. I'll have to look into this. Thanks!
  3. DHCJami

    heat press

    If you use the laser printable stuff, you do have to peel that off of the backing, and place it on the garment, and it does "curl" under heat. I've found that using a Teflon sheet to lay everything flat before pressing works great.
  4. DHCJami

    Hello from Montana!

    Thank you!
  5. If I have to keep mine for much longer, I'll probably invest in one myself. I hate cutting that fast, it feels reckless. LOL
  6. DHCJami

    Hello from Montana!

    Hello! I'm Jami. I'm a graphic artist in a custom auto and off-road shop in Southwest Montana. I have about 11+ years in design experience with Adobe, vinyl graphic creation and installation, vector drawing, apparel design and screen printing. I joined this community to use as a resource for my vinyl work. I currently use an R Series II 24" plotter, and if you've ever used one, you'll surely understand why I'm looking for something better. I hope to possibly contribute some knowledge myself, as I have learned much of what I know through trial and error.
  7. DHCJami

    Graphtec ce6000 24 in

    I'm also curious - I'm in the market for a new cutter and that's a price range I can agree with.
  8. DHCJami

    Mutoh Kona 1400...Good used purchase?

    Honestly, I have so many rolls of 24" vinyl, I probably wouldn't end up cutting things that large anyway. I'll have to look into a Titan maybe. I did used to use a huge Graphtec. From what I remember it was a 64", which obviously at this point would be overkill, but at least I know the brand. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the advice!
  9. DHCJami

    Mutoh Kona 1400...Good used purchase?

    I'm running it serial. Have been since day one, I think I would have been better off buying a Silhouette Cameo at this point. I have had numerous issues in the past connecting via USB, so I used a serial cable I had on hand to avoid that issue before it started.
  10. DHCJami

    Mutoh Kona 1400...Good used purchase?

    Guess that's how these companies stay in business, right? I think I'll probably have to do that. I definitely need something better than this R Series, I wasted almost 3 yards of vinyl trying to cut 10" decals. It's been a nightmare.
  11. DHCJami

    Mutoh Kona 1400...Good used purchase?

    I emailed Mutoh, and they said that the Kona line is no longer supported, and the parts are no longer manufactured. They have limited parts in stock, and what they don't have I'd have try to find through Ebay. The search continues.
  12. DHCJami

    Mutoh Kona 1400...Good used purchase?

    Boom! Looks like it's in there. I'm pretty certain it's the full cutter version.
  13. DHCJami

    Mutoh Kona 1400...Good used purchase?

    I hadn't seen it on here, I just went back through to see if it was listed in these forums to see if any further details might be mentioned. It was on a local Craigslist ad. I do certainly have the room, and I have certainly been in need of something wider. Going to see them cut a detailed design is a great idea, I'll have to arrange that. Is there a way I can look for compatibility in the software?
  14. What speed are you trying to cut at? I recently had issues with incomplete jobs and emailed tech support, apparently anything below 600mm/s is setting yourself up for failure. The technician said, "The speed on the plotter should be a 600 mm/second at all times. This plotter has a very limited memory buffer. If the speed is not kept high, the buffer will not be cleared fast enough to prevent overflow, which results in lost packets of information and miscut graphics." You might try this, if you're not already cutting at that speed. Also, at high speeds like that, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that your material has enough slack or it will ruin the tracking, and if you have the ruler taped onto the front edge, I recommend putting a strip of tape along the edge so that the moving material edge doesn't catch, because that also posed an issue for me. Hope this helps!
  15. Hello! I have been using a Vinyl Express R Series II 24" vinyl plotter for about a year now. Needless to say, I have certainly outgrown it, and need something bigger and better. I found a listing in my area for a used Mutoh Kona 1400 55" cutter. I've worked with a Mutoh LFP in the past, but not one of their cutters. The price is reasonable, and I could easily pay for it in one job or two. My questions are: Does anyone else use the same cutter? Is it worth purchasing used? Could I use LXi Expert with it? I'm still doing research on my own, but I wanted to check here and see if anyone else would recommend buying this cutter. Thank you in advance!