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    MK2 871 not working right...Or at all

    Thank you for the quick responses. Well I probably spent the better of 5! hours today on the phone with tech support. Same thing, we tried it on the windoz side of my mbp and it worked perfectly. I'll try your way when I get a shot. Thanks again P
  2. Ok so I am trying to keep my cool. So here is the scoop. iMac 27" 10.7.4 3.4 ghz 16gb of ram USCutter 871 BRAND NEW Installed signcut Installed keyspan adaptor Using either CS3-5 Illustrator I have tried all these setting with the support rep from us cutter with similar issues. on relatively simple instances it works ok up to about 15" wide. This is a 34" machine. On basic shapes or repeated instances it goes all over the place... Boy would I love some help. This machine was supposed to save time and money. So far is costing me too much of both.... waahhh wahhhh. Please help, Thanks Pablo