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    Sign Blazer not cutting project

    I have not cut anything yet but I believe you did it. With the update there were some suttle changes in the software which I learned what to do with. I remember I was having a bugger of a time trying to get it to cut and I changed my vinyl size to 15" x 25". 99.9% of the stuff I cut today is 24" and under. I went to pretend cut a 36" long banner and went to cutter setup and it was set at 15" x 25" with a good chunk of the graphic on the right side of the cutter (where I'm having problem). Switch to 15" x 37" vinyl size and re-loaded graphic to cut and it looks good. Thanks again Jay2703. You gotta love this forum when they can trobleshoot in seconds. Wish life had a forum haha
  2. KeystoneChuck

    Sign Blazer not cutting project

    I have had my cutter (PCut) for almost five years now with the occasional hicup. I just ran into a problem where my project stopped cutting in the middle of the design. I was doing a 34" long saying and it stopped about 22" into it. Thought it was hiccup and moved on. Noticed it is only cutting when you send it to cutter and it gives you a display of the cutter with the item being cut the rest where it is past the cutter (right side/infeed roller) is not being cutting. I foung that if i press the "cut" again that it continues but where it stopped it cuts completly vertcally through all my letters. This is something new to me. I have in the past cut tons of 96" long banner/truck graphics in one cutting with no problem. I recently had US Cutter talk me through an update of SignBlazer software because of the "count down timer" issue. No count down timer (was up tp 800 for past year) but know this. Any help out there before I call US Cutter?
  3. KeystoneChuck

    Can Anyone Do Some Rhinestoning For Me

    Does anyone know if Sandy Jo or anyone else from: is still in business? I have sent 4 emails with no replys. If their not around anymore I will stop and move on. Just trying to support fellow members with business.
  4. KeystoneChuck

    Making rhinestone templates

    Any price on the StoneCut Pro. I tried avoiding the "hard sell" by Digital Art Solutions. No dice. I filled out my info on their page with the simple question..."How much does it cost?" Apparently that is too hard of a question because I got a return call/message back on my machine telling me to call them about all the benefits the program has to offer. Obviously I am already interested, just tell me the price and we'll go from there. I knew is was going to be like looking at a car at a dealership during operating hours. "Let me tell you why you need this and then drop the price on you at the end after your worn down" I hate sites that don't post upfront pricing.
  5. KeystoneChuck

    Making rhinestone templates

    I have a US Cutter PCut that I purchased new about 5 years ago. It came with Sign Blazer which I love. I just updated the software to get rid of timer (was up to 800). Do you know if Sign Blazer will work. I was told Sure Cuts A Lot was a watered down version marketed for Cricuts and Hobby/Craft cutters. I thought I should buy new program and people on here said not to, stick with the Sign Blazer.
  6. KeystoneChuck

    Making rhinestone templates

    What is "scalp"?
  7. KeystoneChuck

    Making rhinestone templates

    Anyone know how much StoneCut Pro is. I really don't feel like going through the "hard sell" just to get a price. It sounds like its not "affordable" anyway. I hear everyone drop the term "scalp". What is it?
  8. KeystoneChuck

    Making rhinestone templates

    Does anyone know of an "affordable" stand alone software for making rhinestone templates with my US Cutter Pcut 24". I found a bunch of "add on" software but nothing in the stand alone dept. I am looking to make simple rhinestone font designs. I looked into getting templates made by a forum member on here but after two emails not responded to, I am moving on.
  9. KeystoneChuck

    SignBlazer vs Sure Cuts A Lot Pro

    Do you know one if there is any way to get rid of the count down timer in the beginning? And two do you think I could use my current SignBlazer with a new machine. I didn't know if there were registration problems or not. Thanks for the $.02.
  10. That pic will be me tomorrow if I can't get the stupid solder to flow/hold. Two things I admittedly can not do...solder and teflon tape on pipe threads. I think its my sausage fingers that get in the way.
  11. Looking for opinions, pros and cons of the Sure Cuts A Lot vs SignBlazer. I have been using SignBlazer with my Creations PCut for 6 years now. I am extremly proficient at using this software (first and only cutter software I tried/used) Only thing that sucks is on the start-up of SignBlazer going through the "Trial Counter" I'm up to 800 or so for the counter so it takes a while to get started. I was considering buying a new cutter but the new software it comes with has me flip flopping. The thing that really bothers me is I get these women who look at my decals and say "oh you got a Cricut? So do we, do you use Sure Cuts A Lot?". I guess where the problem comes, is the Sure Cuts A Lot "watered down program" so crafty people can use it also. I've done some amazing things with my program that my buddy who has a Roland with their software cannot figure out how to do. Also my big big problem is the learning curve time. I sell at a mall and my turn around time is one week for custom items. I don't want to be sitting there trying to figure out how it works for days when I was cuttting with the SignBlazer the same night. Rent ain't cheap at the mall so I have to move a lot of product with no hiccups.
  12. Yes, I found broken terminal with flash light. I touched bare end to terminal and it works perfectly. Now to solder (yikes, I can mig, tig, and stick weld very well but I can't solder to save my life) Happy I can fix without having to buy parts, sad because this is a brand new (3 months old) carriage assemble. I shouldn't break that soon if ever. I said it before if there wasn't this forum and guys like yourself to help at all kinds of crazy hours, I would have booted this cutter years ago. A machine is only as good as the support it gets. Thanks.
  13. Sorry for picture. Its been a stressful night.
  14. Can anyone tell me where this wire is supposed to be attached to. I was cutting today and all of a sudden the up and down stopped on the blade. The cutter continues to go through all of the motions just does not go up or down. I opened the lid and found this wire just laying there. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. KeystoneChuck


    Thanks jaybird for the info on belt. It's fixed and working perfect but I still was in wonder if it was cut by damage or not. I received the carriage Friday morning and called them right away (USC) fully knowing weekend was fast approching and tech. support would be impossible from them. I called for David who was the guy that set me up with part but trying to reach the same person is next to impossible. I even offered to stay on hold till he was ready (on my dime). Thats when the other guy explained how simple it was to swich carriages. Forgot to mention the belt part and the belt tensioner. And trying to get the carriage on and off the tracks, what a bit#@. I see where the newer machines the belt just clips on the back. Wish mine would have been like that. Main thing is its fixed by my doing and the help of this forum. Thanks to everyone who post experiences and know hows, you guys make the brand that much easier.