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  1. I have a Graphtec i-Mark Gemini Label Die Cutting System and for the most part it works okay. One frustrating issue is that it will do a few sheets and then tell me "marks not found-timed out". Then do a few more and the same thing. Sometimes if I restart the cutter it will work again for a few more. Anyone else have the same issue or better a solution. I have 500 sheets to print and cut on Monday. I am cutting glossy label stock. The marks are as per the manual 4mm in size and at the minimum positions on the sheet. Sometimes it is the front mark and other its the back sheets are printed at the same time. This happens with all jobs with numerous sheets. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Morrie
  2. It is all the same job and lot and being printed in one session.
  3. I am cutting out oval stickers, 48 per sheet for a total of 2,000 stickers. Most sheets cut with no issue, but every so often a sheet will start the cutting out of position and eventually correct it self while cutting. So in the end perhaps 12 stickers are ruined. Any ideas why and how to prevent this? Thanks Morrie
  4. The marks are already at teir thickest. I was moving the tool to the registration marks manually. For some reasopn I thought I read or saw that suggestion on one of the tutorials. Then read that someone suggested leaving it where it stops when loading the paper and going front of sheet. Tried that and it worked. At least until the next time. I suppose it is all part of the learning process of a new piece of equipment.
  5. I am a new user of this and am having ahell of the time to get the machine to recognize the registration marks consistently when I am do a Print and Cut. I am getting registartion error or not enough on x or y. This would occur after cutting successfully the firsty of many sheets all printed at the same time. i have tried adjusting the x and y values for the ARMS sensor. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Morrie
  6. I am about to buy the 24" Graphtec (CE6000-60) and want to make sure it can contour cut for packaging mock-up, door hangers, etc… What carrier sheet are you using? Thanks Morrie