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  1. I have a cutting issue with certain files, and I am unsure why. I am doing kiss cutting, and the cut is not correct. The attached pictures show the issue with the cut and also the actual cut line in the file. All other files are fine, so the issue must be with the setup of these specific files. I am just not sure what it is. The butterfly file consists of PNG's where I have added bleeds and cut lines. I tried to delete everything out of the file and just leave the cut lines before sending it to the cutter, but the cuts were still off. The other one I have issues with is vector shapes filled with a watercolour swatch. This issue only started yesterday with these two files. I printed and cut another file yesterday, and there were no issues. That one consisted of small flying butterfly PNGs. I have not changed any settings on my Graphtec, so it must be the cut line set up?
  2. Anetski

    Roland TrueVIS eco solvent printers and "ink smell"

    sorry I don't know all the rems but what is OEM and aftermarket?
  3. I am looking at the Roland rRueVis VF2-640 which prints with eco solvent inks. Does anyone have these? Are they suitable to have in your home. I have a very large office on the ground floor level of our home. I am just wondering if they still smell being eco? Thank you
  4. Anetski

    Removal of pinch roller

    Thank you for all replies. I got the two rollers to fit at the right end and it works perfectly now. thanks so much!
  5. Anetski

    Removal of pinch roller

    I am not sure there is space to put both pinch rollers on the large grit roller. It means I would have to push the 2nd roller further in on the material leaving less space to print on. where are the media sensors? Is the material not on them as I have it on the picture? I have always loaded my media this way. thanks again for your help
  6. Anetski

    Removal of pinch roller

    I tried to move no 3 push roller to the right end off the grit area. I turned the push roller sensors off and then tried to cut using only push roller 1 and 2 sitting on each end on the grit area. It wouldn’t work. right now I have it set up like pictured with the middle wheel removed but I cut phototex printed with waterbased inks and if I lift the material slightly as I insert it may hit the middle push roller and get scratched. I would prefer to just push the unused roller to the end on the right.
  7. Anetski

    Removal of pinch roller

    If it is ok to remove it? I know I can still cut with only pinch rollers on the edges but I am wondering if the machine won’t work if removing?
  8. Hi I just received my new fc9000-100 plotter. I had a -160 before. I only cut material as wide as 1m and I don't want to use the middle pinch roller. With the bigger model I could put the extra pinch roller to the end but I can’t do that with the -100 model as there is no extra space. Is it possible to remove a pinch roller? if I leave the middle one on in the lowest settings I will get marks on my material as it picks up the ink.
  9. I fixed the cutting issue. total user error.
  10. thank you that actually fixed it. I have just never seen that little cut before on my ce6000 but at least it is not going into the actual artwork now so I am sure it is there for a reason. one more question if you don't mind before I go jump of a cliff? I just did two tests on a 1metre wide sheet. I cut one long rectangle twice. First time with force 15 (test cut on this force is perfect). half the rectangle to the right cuts but when it gets to the last 20 cm or so it is no way near cut through the material. 2nd test force 24 (test cut is still fine) and it does exactly the same thing. Both ends of the rectangles are cut fine but the top and bottom is not in the last 20cm of the left side. I am loosing my mind over these machines. the ce 6000 was so much better. Never had all these issues.
  11. is this what you mean?
  12. I cut phototex. I am not sure what you mean by "applying the vinyl"?
  13. 3 different tech have tested it and after changing firmware and it still faulting, not right away but after 20 or so files it would fault. The problem is only with curves. we have changed it from connecting from usb to ethernet and changed the cutting master software. they also brought in a window computer and I would save the cutting file in cutting master 4 on my mac and then send it to the other windows computer and send the job from there and it still faulted after 5 files. they have installed a new FC9000 as a loan today to see if this faults as well indicating a problem coming from my computer or if it was indeed the machine. I just sent two files with rectangles to the new machine and it did this weird little cut on the side which actually went into the artwork. Have you ever seen this before? test cut is fine and the I cut 2 rectangles out of a 1 metre wide sheet and the 2nd rectangle did not cut through at all. I increased the force and it did the same thing after. Could it be that I am only using a pinch roller on each edge and not one in the middle? I did that with the fc8600 and no problems. I found that when using a pinch roller in the middle of the artwork it would leave a mark. thanks for your input. I am actually loosing my mind over these cutters. I miss my ce6000.
  14. I have just sent two files to cut and all they are is rectangles and the cutter (fc9000) seems to do this additional cut on the side before starting the actual rectangle. The little cut actually goes into the artwork and ruins the poster. The only cut line in the file is the rectangle. What is this?