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  1. sco_dux

    Double Cutting

    This helped a lot, thank you! What I found out was that when I imported the .pdf file into SCALP3, it had turned both the "fill" and "stroke" of my design into cutting paths and separate layers. I fixed it by going back into my AI file and got rid of the "stroke" on my object (also works other way around by eliminating the "fill" instead). It then only created one cutting path and layer in SCALP3 when I imported my new .pdf file. Thank you!!
  2. sco_dux

    Double Cutting

    What do you mean when you say "2 passes"? In the cutting software itself? Or in Illustrator where I made my document? (Also, in other cutting software, what menu is "passes" located under? And it is only one layer of vector so its super frustrating that I can't figure out what is going wrong...
  3. sco_dux

    Double Cutting

    So I am having issues with my cutter cutting my file twice and I don't know how to fix it. Every time I cut, it goes over each line twice, making the time for cutting twice as long as its supposed to be. Is this normal? How do I fix this? I have a brand new SC Series 24 inch cutter with SCAL3Pro as my software on an updated Mac computer.