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    Rotate design for cutting

    Yup. In SCAL Pro left click on the mat and drag your box over whatever you're working on and then there should be a curved arrow on the right hand portion of the box you just highlighted. Left click on that arrow and rotating to whatever degree you want to. Also, I like using shift while rotating,
  2. japaneseboy

    SCAL Pro 3 problem with cutting and other

    Attached is a link to the photo of the sticker I cut out. (http://postimg.org/image/b5fcq36k3/) After four cuts the "pp" in "Approaching Others" starts to shift downward. Also, if you look at the "A" It isn't a clean cut. I made sure that there are no double pasted words. About the unclean cut "A" I tried changing the cutting weight and speed to various combinations but the problem still persists. Sometimes the "A" doesn't cut like in the second "A" from the left/top side. All the help is much appreciated! Thank You, Japaneseboy.
  3. japaneseboy

    SCAL Pro 3 problem with cutting and other

    So....lol The double pasted word for "approaching others" I guess was the problem as the second cut job, deleting the second image, had not problem. Also, for the "reset" button issue, just lift up the three levers holding down the sticker, then hold onto the sticker and press the "offline" button again. Then put down all three levers again. It's an easy solution, probably a more "formal" one out there, but this works for me. Merry Christmas! I spoke too soon.
  4. Hi Again Guys! Hope you're all enjoying your holidays. My cutter is MH871-MK2 Cutting Plotter and I am using Sure Cuts A lot Pro 3 on a Windows 7 64 bit desktop. My problem is that when I cut a set of texts for example: "Approaching Others" and "Nobody Gets Hurt"(has a box surrounding Nobody...) the "Approa" part of "Approaching" is shifted upwards which, well, results in the words not being aligned. I also noticed that the words "Approaching Others" were pasted twice when imported from illustrator. My second problem is when I finish cutting a project I press the "offline/pause" button to feed out more sticker so I can cut the finished portion out, and then press the "reset" button" as this leaves the sticker as it is. But the problem is when I want to cut a second project SCAL is stuck on the "initializing..." window and I would have to restart my desktop to do another cut. Is there another way to feed out sticker after a project to avoid using the "reset" button. I'm gonna try cutting the project again without the double pasted "Approaching Others" to see if that fixed the misaligned words. Just thought of it while writing this. Thanks! Merry Christmas
  5. japaneseboy

    File not being sent to cutter

    hi guys! Thank you so much! I got the cutter to cut...not print, haha.
  6. Hi! I recently bought a USCutter MH871-MK2. More info: Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro------Windows 7 64 bit ----------------- RAM 16gb ----------------- ..... yeah My problem is that the file I want to get cut isn't getting cut. Description: I open sure cuts a lot 3 pro program and choose two circles for the USCutter to cut. I press print and select the right printer. Then open up devices and printer to see if the file I want printed is listed under the UScutter but it isn't. When I press "test" button in offline mode, cutter cuts out a star with no problem. All the help is much appreciated!
  7. japaneseboy

    Hi from Saipan!

    I just but a MH871-MK2 and need some help. Gonna find the proper place to ask it though. I'm from Saipan, U.S.A.!