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  1. Submaweiner

    SC Series Pen - Hand drawn effect

    Thanks, guys
  2. Submaweiner

    SC Series Pen - Hand drawn effect

    Nope, not aware. But I recall seeing a cutter which could create pen "drawings" with dots. Just trying to find out if I can do something like that. Sounds like a no, though.
  3. Is there a way with the US Cutter SC 25 and Vinyl Master to create hand drawn style pen drawings? or even the dotted pen drawings? Been looking all over and can't find anything. I know that I can use the pen tool for outlines, but I'd like to be able to fill-in or create crosshatching for shading. Thanks!
  4. Submaweiner

    Difficulty with smaller cuts

    I really appreciate the offer, mb20music. I've already ordered both to give them a shot, though. Hopefully I can get the results I'm looking for, Thanks, again! incredibly kind of you
  5. Submaweiner

    Difficulty with smaller cuts

    Well... I guess I'm just going to alter my prints... that's super disappointing. I really appreciate your help!
  6. Submaweiner

    Difficulty with smaller cuts

    I've been experimenting with various settings (offset, overcut, blade length, pressure, speed) and still cannot get this to work. I'm trying to print simple bold text at about .35". I'm not getting terrible hangnails like I was, but I cannot get some parts to stick when weeding - they come right up. Typically, it's the straight lines; the rounded objects weed well. It's almost like the vinyl comes off of the backing too easily. Is this typical with GreenStar? Can I expect better results with Oracal?
  7. Submaweiner

    Difficulty with smaller cuts

    That makes a lot of sense. I've been fiddling with the offset, but still have that hangnail. I'm using VinyMaster Cut V4.0 and I can't find anything about overcut... any other term I might need to be looking out for? Thank you! **EDIT** Nevermind, I found it under Device Settings > Measurements. Currently the overcut is set at .079. I'm going to experiment with bumping that up little by little, see where it gets me. Thanks, again!
  8. Submaweiner

    Difficulty with smaller cuts

    Hangnails is a perfect way to describe it! Most of the edges are cut, but the corner or initial cut point will catch. I'll have to give the Blade Offset some more attention. Thank you!
  9. I cannot, for the life of me get anything with any detail to weed properly. I even have some issues with large stuff... I've done EVERYTHING I can think of as far as the machine are concerned. The cuts look perfect, yet I still cannot get smaller pieces to weed properly. I've read a little bit that it may just be the vinyl I'm using (Green Star Gloss Black and White). I just placed an order for Oracal 651 -- is this going to help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Submaweiner

    Vinyl Moving Around

    The SC Series have a malfunction in which the right-most roller cannot be flush with the right-most edge. You must move the roller about an inch from the sidewall or it will cause this. hope this helps.