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Found 8 results

  1. I have two cutters attached to my Win10Pro PC (i5, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD) Titan 2 and Graphtec CE6000, both connected via USB I currently run SCAL4 and SCAL4Pro. I generally run jobs around 36" in length containing various designs (script wording, soccer balls, pirate ships, etc.) If I run a small job (one or two designs) the end cut is perfect. Nice clean edges. If I run a large job (36" of many designs) then the cuts start to lose detail, almost like the cutters are skipping nodes. It's always on the smaller designs (5" and smaller) with detail. I've attached an example of what both of my cutters are doing. I've swapped USB cables, swapped PC's, tried different USB ports, checked for PC chipset upgrades, PC upgrades, and attempted a support conversation with Craft Edge (went nowhere.) I'm going to try SCAL5 to see if that has any impact. Not a fan of 5 but if this fixes our issue then i can live with that. Does anyone have anything I could try to fix this? many thanks Chris
  2. Hello. I have the uscutter and I use with Sure cuts a lot pro and every time I go cut a design, towards the end, it traces all the way back two straight lines cutting right in the middle of my design. I have changed the blade pressure and all but it keeps cutting as if that was apart of the design, when its not. Anyone knows why? Thanks.
  3. I have a Titan 2 and it stops every time I get a text message or when my computer goes to sleep. While I can get it to start back up again once I wake the computer up, I can't get it to start up again after I get that text. What the heck is going on? How can I prevent this? I have a macbook pro and an iPhone. I'm also using SCAL. It should not do this! can anyone help? Even if you just can tell me how to get it to keep cutting after the text I'd really appreciate that. I'm wasting tons of vinyl! Thanks, Lolly
  4. I got everything set up and I am trying to run my test cut so I can make sure my settings are correct...and NOTHING is even cutting. I have the SC2 Cutter, and am using Oramask with the 60 blade....I am so confused as to why it's not even cutting the faintest of lines. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  5. I have come across a very good Sure Cuts A Lot 4.054 user manual (does have reference to pro edition also) created by Sandy McCauley, published Dec 8, 2016 from Look for the Sure Cuts A Lot header on the page to find the download link for the PDF version. I have chosen not to hotlink directly to the PDF manual link here (also available as an interactive manual) as it is specific to the Zing and Zing Air cutters, but if you disregard that specific information, I think users will find it quite applicable to their needs regardless of cutter type as it goes into great depth about EVERYTHING SCAL and SCALP has to offer. It has pictures, documentation and lots of useful information. I've attached a screenshot of a particular set of pages of Sandy's work to give you an idea of depth of coverage. It's very well done and contains 300 pages of information. It also gives tips and suggestions on creating reusable mats and what types of semi-adhesive glues are available. Anyhow, it's definitely worth a look. From their website:
  6. thehomemadeholidayshop

    SCAL4 pro issue help

    Hello! I just changed from SCAL4 to SCAL4 pro and now when I am cutting if i go to a screen away from sCAL (say to go print a label on my browser etc.) it stops cutting on my titan2 cutter? Does anyone have this problem is there a work around for it? Thank you!!!
  7. Sometimes I create PDFs in AutoCAD from drawings and import them into Sure Cuts A Lot, and even though it is not visible on the SCAL screen, there will be a bounding box around the graphic. I have tried creating the PDF from both model space and paper space with the same issue. Does not happen all the time, and I cannot see any difference in what I am doing. Another issue I had over the weekend was scaling text. I created a sign (using AmarilloUSAF.ttf font) - as you start adding letters, they come in at 1" high. After I finish the text I try to scale the text to 7" and it often will not change - or else I have to change it incrementally - from 1" to 3", to 6" to 7". A couple of times it would not scale at all. Any suggestions?
  8. Hey Folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently purchased an MH 871-MK2 from US-Cutter and it is working perfectly fine with the USB connection directly from my Mac Mini/OSX 10.7.5 - No serial converter needed. I basically installed the Sure Cuts A Lot software that came with the cutter. Once installed and registered, the SCAL software advised me that there was an update available, and I performed the update to SCAL Ver 3.047. In the Help menu on SCAL there was an option to install drivers for MH series cutters, which I did. I then rebooted my Mac. After the reboot, I plugged the USB cable directly from the mac to the 871's USB port, fired up SCAL - dragged a shape onto the layout screen, and hit the cut button - Sure enough the cutter came alive and plotted out the pattern perfectly happily. hopefully things will go as easily for other MAC users.. Todd