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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new here. This is my first post! I wanted to share with everyone on how I got my MH 871 to connect via USB without any adapters. I very recently purchased the MH 871 cutter. I had a difficult time setting up the machine. I have noticed that there are a lot of people who seem to be having similar issues getting this cutter to communicate with your computer via USB connection. When I first began setting up the machine, I assumed that all you would have to do is download the drivers and software and plug the cutter in and it would recognize the machine and cut, but I was wrong! There is a crucial step in the setup process that I was missing. (This step wasn't included in any of the instructions given to me with the cutter, which I think is why everyone is having so many problems with getting it to work correctly.) The steps that I used to get my cutter to work with Vinyl Master Pro is as follows: Set up cutter and plug in to the computer via USB cable. Download and install the device drivers from US cutter website. Download and install Vinyl Master Pro. Go to the Vinyl Spooler menu (looks like the space shuttle icon) Go to the connections tab and click the detect button. This will open a new window. This next part is very important. This is where I kept messing up. On Step 1, make sure to TURN OFF your machine. (This is very important.) Click next and then you should be on step 2. Turn the machine back on. Click next and it will detect the machine. This should fix the problems without needing to buy any additional cables or adapters and you should not need to change any port settings. I have no idea why they made the setup that way, probably due to some type of limitations with the cutters internal software or something. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi guys... And when we plug in a USB cable and nothing happens? The computer doesn't recognize the plotter or anything! Another detail, I'm also having problems with the serial port, I install and configure it via serial, port speed at 9600, all OK, I've tried to install as many different drivers as possible, at least 6 different drivers, the plotter when it comes to cutting, makes 1 full cut and then nothing else happens. I've tried using printouts directly from Corel, I've tried using plugins, nothing worked! I've tried it on Windows 7, 8 and also 10!
  3. What are the proper settings for the "force"? What difference do the settings make?
  4. rossmarc

    Paper Feed

    Hello I just got my mh 871 mk2 cutter. I have gotten it all set up and things started going -smoothly, and then... I need help. For some reason now my cutter is advancing about a foot of vinyl before cutting. I use Vinyl Master Cut as that is what came with it. I might have changed a setting somewhere but I cant find it. Any help would be awesome. Thanx!!
  5. qualatee


    I HAVE A MH871 CUTTER, i have tried everything my vinyl wont feed straight for anything. i am so frustrated. i have ruined so many designs with limited vinyl avail for the job...someone please help!!!!!
  6. So I purchased a MH 871 MK2 Aug 18, 2016, I set it up with the anti-static cable and removing the paint on the stand as directed. I'm using the keyspan triplite usb adapter on a windows 8 machine and running vinyl master - cut I've had varying successes but that last few times cutting have been a bust, I've attached the vdoc of what I'm trying to cut. It cuts the large lettering great but midpoint thru the bottom section it craps the bed and starts cutting a perpendicular line through the vinyl (ruining it) I've heard about the static issues and the large file issues but I don't think this is a large file problem as it's really only text. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dog Trainer plus MPT2.vDoc
  7. lilmiss_s4


    So I think its a wedding line issus But I am getting 2 lines through out every cut. They are usually good cuts and evenly throughout the cut but I cant figure out how to remove all wedding lines. If thats what it is. I ATTACHED a picture cause I wanted to see if it stood out. I have gone to the wedding section but not sure what I am doing works.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.. Thank You
  8. slice&dice


    Last night a guy put his MH871 onto craigslist, asking $75. Pa-Pow! He also put a few rolls of white 15" into the deal for real cheap, and an app-tape roller unit. The kid who owned it was really sad to see it go, but he's moving back to VietNam and can't take it with him. Honestly, I do not NEED an extra cutter, but c'mon, for that price it was too good to pass up.
  9. I purchased a MH 871- MK2 34",and aim trying to communicate via usb with my laptop to the machine with SINGBLAZER and nothing.. I also have another program called ''sure cuts alot'' and nothing,, the cutter only works when I push the TEST BUTTON I DID CALL TO CUSTOMER SERVICE .they helped me with the installation step by step and nothing.,, I went to the company in Redmond WA. and nobody can help me they say there are no technical staff.. only sales & shipping WHAT CAN I DO? WHO CAN HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM? Im really sad and disappointed because this is my first vinyl cutter and I want to start my own business
  10. anyone else have a problem with the measuring deal on the cuter catching the vinyl? Theres a small lip there, when the vinyl rolls forward it catches right there, it will push itself out, but still, I have to put like, masking tape over it so it dont catch, why didnt think catch this in the design stage lol. I know its jap crap, but still...