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  1. Hi ti all, i am new herae but have read through many threads. I dont seem to have found what i am looking for and i hope someone can push me in the right direction. I brought a 2006 model CT630 as a fixer upper. Everything works from the panel (self test etc) but no comms, if i plugged in the usb i get error message from xp saying device not recognised. I removed and tested the USB connector and found one of the copper tracks on the small PCB to be open circuit. I have placed a small wire to bridge this gap and i now seem to get comms I have made tge reccomended settings as per the Signblazer manual and all looks pretty good. However, if a draw a simple circle, then after selecting the correct cutter and port (usb com2, 9600 etc as per spec), then pressing cut, i get no movement if i test the system by selecting move to , origin, maximum position. If i ignore this and go ahead to cut i get a bar graph showing the file is dowloading, but it gets only about 1/3 accross and it the whole dialogue dissapears. If anyone is familiar with Signblazer on this model of plotter, what does your bar graph do before dissapearing, and am i being a dunce by not doing something else properly first. (Before i look further for other problems, i may try soldering the cable directly to the interface cable to eliminate the socket and pcb completely tomorrow. i have already tried different comm speeds from 1200 bauds to 19200 all with exactly the same results. Thanks for your help in advance .