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Found 6 results

  1. I'm totally new to this, but was able to fix issues that were around for 10 years. I came across a CE5000-60 (FW v3.6 # Loader v1.0), that worked totally fine with Windows, but I wanted to use it with Graphtec Studio on Mac. It was stuck endlessly synchronizing. Googled and somebody recommended to upgrade the plotter firmware. I downloaded v6.5 (from here), flashed it and bricked my plotter: "START BOOT ERROR" Tried to flash v3.9 and it was still bricked. Stumble across this other support site and downloaded v4.0. Flashed it using SEND.EXE from (v3.9 or v6.5 zip) instead of UPDATE.EXE. This worked for me and fixed both issues! I attached the file in case the site will go offline at some point. Hope this helps anybody in the future or the past! (maybe worth to pin this thread?) CE5000_FU(v400).zip
  2. Dear community, I am the proud owner of a newly purchased used Graphtec FC2200/90 flatbed plotter from about 1989 to 1992. The plotter is in a generally excellent condition and ready to use. Since I have problems using the Plotter with Adobe Illustrator in combination with Cutting Master 4 Plugin, I would like to know, if it is possible to update the plotters firmware to ‘Plotter Firmware v4.50 for Graphtec FC2250’? I am not sure, weather the FC2250 v4.50 Firmware is suitable for my FC2200/90 plotter. I would also install the ‘Windows Driver OPS662 (v3.90)’ on my Windows Laptop and install ‘Cutting Master 3 for Windows Ver.2.2.1252’ instead of the current version. I would be extremely grateful for any help!!!
  3. I have a Graphtec CE5000-60 cutter that we have used without any issues for the past 5+ years. A few weeks ago I got the message: FLASH NV ERROR, I did some research and called Sign Warehouse and they helped us order a new motherboard. My husband installed it per their directions and we got the message: LOADER V5.30. I followed the directions on the Graphtec website to install the firmware and drivers per the CE5000-60 manuals directions. The version of firmware that is on Graphtec's site is v6.40, do I need to try and roll my firmware back to the version that my Graphtec screen is stating, because my screen now states: PLEASE SEND PRG. I have sent the firmware according to the directions and I have done numerous restarts of both my computer and the cutter. I have done the up arrow while restarting the cutter, I have also pressed the right and left arrow at the same time I was restarting the cutter. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Hey everybody I’m having a hard time cutting from my Mac 10.13 high Sierra onto my Graphtec ce 5000-60 thru Cut Master 3 latest Ver.2.2.1252 on illustrator CS6. I keep getting sync for a long time. I have the right language (GL) on my ce5000. But I’m assuming it’s my firmware because it’s version 5 and I need 6 but I can find the firmware file for Mac. It only has the firmware files for WIN. Anybody got some tips for me?
  5. I hope this finds any helpful member as I am stuck with a brick of a plotter. So, I went to update the firmware for Graphtec FC7000-130 (USB) to v2.10 (from Graphtec website) to get the perf option. Downloaded all the updates on that page (Windows 7, 64 bit) and thought I followed the instructions well, it started loading, but now it gives me 3 different errors: 1. Straight power up - [bOOT START ERROR] or 2. Power Up, holding Left & Right, goes to Update / Yes then shows [CHECK SUM ERROR] or 3. Power Up, holding Left & Right, goes to Update / Yes then shows [PLEASE SEND PRGM] - I hit PRINT from the Data File Output Utility and [Cannot Access Output Destination] Pops up. What Gives? What should I do next? I attached a screen shot of all the relevant info I could fit. Please feel free to contact me by whatever means are most convenient to you. My contact info is below. Thanks for your help! Alex Wojciecowski Socha Visual Inc. (415) 508-5927
  6. I'm attempting to upgrade my FC7000 to v3.90 firmware. When I try, I get a "Bad Firmware" message and a continuous beeping on the cutter. Any ideas? Any help is very much appreciated. Thx Steve