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  1. Thank you. I thought there was a member here that offered at one time to have it sent to them and they would plug it in to see if it was the board. I don't know if its the board or the screen. I'll need to plug it in again to remind myself but I think the light would come on for the screen then go away before I could change settings and such. I believe the settings got changed and it will send to cut and try but the settings are all off so its not working right.
  2. Hi, I have been out of commission for quite some time. My copam was josstled quite a bit when moved and now will not show the screen for more than a brief second. The screen will light up when turned on but will only light for a second and then it goes out. I tried all the connections, blew it, cleaned with electronic cleaner, I have checked all the soldering connections and do not see any breaks. Lots I have read lead back to the mother board. Is there anyone that I can send by motherboard to and they can check and see if that is the issue before I go buying a new one?
  3. SewDarnHot

    Help converting SignBlazer image

    Is there a way you can try to join the middle bottom center line? I went to use it and it has a gap in the center section bottom. I should have test cut a while ago. I tried to add nodes but now i'm getting a skip in the cut corner and that center part needs to be removed for the customer. Thanks, I appreciate your help. Sorry for the long delay I had to wait for the vinyl to get here.
  4. SewDarnHot

    Help converting SignBlazer image

    Thank you very very much!!! Looks great.
  5. SewDarnHot

    Help converting SignBlazer image

    My copam is not able to cut what i need it to and customer support will not help me without a phone line so after hrs of designing something for the perfect fit I cant cut it. So I am looking for help. Can someone take my signblazer image and convert it into scal or at least to an svg file. Pretty please!!I have a cricut and can at least use that with multi cut and get it done. Dad Face PlateJune15_2013_a.SBD For some reason my signblazer will not export the file.
  6. SewDarnHot

    Control panel stopped working

    I know that this is old but i cannot get support from uscutter because i do not have a phone and they will not do troubleshooting over chat. My cutter was working fine and now the function buttons are not working. I cannot select anything - It was moved (bumpaty bump bump) after the last job and i'm thinking the cable was loosened but before I open it i wanted to know where /what i should look for. It will not let me hit any buttons to change pressure, measure etc, nothing. please help I have 2 jobs waiting o go out. Oh - Just to let you know It is reading all info great from SignBlazer I am using a different vinyl and need to measure it and adjust the pressure though because it is a lot thicker than my usual. So, It did send to cut, just wont cut through the vinyl. Where do i start to check the cable?Thanks!!
  7. Thanks. I'm trying to get tech support but not having any luck as they say they cannot help through chat only through a phone call and i have no phone out where we are.
  8. I have a copam 2500 and went to use it yesterday and when I plugged it in it automatically just read the width. It flashed the options but did not give me a second to select the type (sheet) Then i realized i cannot use any function selections. I press all the buttons and noting is changing or showing. I did cut what i had made and it did cut fine - however it was thicker vinyl and i could not adjust my pressure and it did not cut all the way through.. Any ideas??
  9. I am looking for advise on a thick vinyl that I can cut with my copam that can be used as a trim kit for a car install. the inner portion would be used for the customer to place on dash and cut where needed and the outer portion would be used to cover the imperfections. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type to use? I mainly do car decals so not sure best type/brand. Thank you, Kim