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  1. Hi Galts, Like everyone is saying the Summa is a great plotter. It's made in Belgium and it's a workhorse. I have a D60 24" plotter that I bought used in 2008 and it's going strong. I only had to replace the power supply and the pinch rollers. I was able to find a power supply on eBay. The brand they use is "Mean Well" and there is a decal on a capacitor with the model number. Here's a link to the service manual https://www.manualslib.com/products/Summa-Summasign-D1010-5542345.html I will admit that Summa is proud of their parts.
  2. Once leveled and taped at the top to hold it in place using blue painters tape. You can place a long piece of painters tape across the top to form a hinge, then cut up between the letters to apply them individually. Or if you have a graphic like in example #2 use a vertical hinge, peel the backing back to the blue tape and cut it off, then apply that half of the decal. remove the blue tape hinge peel the backing off of the second half and apply the other half of the decal.
  3. dwp99

    SummaCut D60 loading 6 inch width vinyl help?

    Wild Goose I just marked up the OP's photo. I went over to my Summa D60 and tried to replicate the same photo. I used a piece of paper so it could be seen better. The pinch rollers are all the way down, the one on the right is in the detent, the left one isn't in the detent. The carriage is pushed all the way to the carriage (right) and you can't see the downward pointing white arrow on the right side like you can in the OP's photo. The only way I could get the far right white arrow to show in the photo was to, lift the pinch rollers and slide the carriage over to the right, which drug the pinch roller off of the white paper and grit roller. The white paper is positioned to cover the right end of the grit roller. You'll also notice the gap between the edge of the paper and the knife holder is further apart than my photo above but the same as the OP's photo. I added the OP's photo just so it would be close to my post. There is no way my Summa's carriage will go that far past the right pinch roller. That's the only reason I mentioned it in my post. Maybe the newer Summa plotters will.
  4. dwp99

    SummaCut D60 loading 6 inch width vinyl help?

    I'm really not sure since I don't use Summa Cut or GoSign. I'm a Flexisign user. There is one thing that I noticed on your D60. The knife head is on the right of the right pinch roller. I went back to my summa D60 which is an older 24" cut plotter and my knife head is in between the left and right pinch rollers. I don't know if Summa made a change in the D60's over time. Can you push the knife head past the pinch rollers? I can't push the knife head past either of the pinch rollers on my D60. Does your D60 have 3 pinch rollers? If it does that explains the reason it can pass the center pinch roller.
  5. dwp99

    SummaCut D60 loading 6 inch width vinyl help?

    I have no problem cutting vinyl that's only 2" wide on my Summa D60. You need both pinch rollers on the vinyl and the brass roller below. Hows the blade depth?
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    Try Lucinda Handwriting Regular
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    This is pretty close
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  12. I've used this on flat black and it really stands out. darcshadow is correct it does fade faster than other colors. The color is not all the way through the vinyl like 951 cor 751 either it's a coating on white vinyl.
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    App Tape holder/dispenser

    Yeah I got a metal roller and it will hold a roll up to 27" , I don't know of one that is wider. Good idea making your own. I lowered my rollers down 2.5" to keep the tape closer to the vinyl.
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