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  1. security802

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    We switched from Gildam to Port. Gildan was having seam issues, was told it was due to high volume due to a fire at one of their places. Everyone loves the Port better, only thing we get from Gildan is the 18500 hoodies, my customers are die hard Gildan hoodie fans
  2. security802

    new prismcut plotter announced by uscutter

    I think there might some confusion for people if they google and get the other company's website. I had to look twice to see why they were emailing us with a new cutter offer...
  3. security802

    new prismcut plotter announced by uscutter

    It also does some engraving, so that might be a plus to do light engraving on trophy plates or dog tags... not sure on that tho, would need to see how well it does. I have to laugh tho it has MOOD lighting leds....
  4. security802

    new prismcut plotter announced by uscutter

    Price is in line with other "precision" Stepper cutters like the Graphtec CE Lite-50 20" cutter. The new Silhouette Came 4 20" that is coming in Jan. Thinking that the WIFI option would be good, but I would be leary of using it until Sure it was rock solid sstable. Not sure what we will be getting to back up our Titan 2 when the work load gets heavy cutting HTV, but know we need to add a second cutter, but do not have the room for another Titan 2 and the Table top Titan 3 limits us 15" rolls.... So will be watching closely to see what way we should go
  5. security802

    Font help

    Trying to match the Foggy, any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. security802

    FONT help

    That's what I came up with also... Thanks
  7. security802

    FONT help

    Tried all the tricks I know, this one eludes me. Anyone got any idea on this font?
  8. security802

    Does this Vinyl Exist?

    Siser is coming out with the PSV (pressure sensitve vinyl) in January. They will have glitter in it. Not sure on how it will be for durability as it is brand new
  9. security802

    Video of my LED RGB edge lit sign

    That's awesome work
  10. security802

    borders with SCALP4

    I usually use to shadow layer (under the effects option) and set the offset that I want. Then you can do shape frames as well, not just rectangle, squares, or circles. Then select both layers and us the merge option to create the frame
  11. security802

    I give up with these damn printers

    Do laser make a better shirt transfer, quality wise? Been watching for a less expensive laser to try for one of my customers who has a band
  12. security802

    Having a real hard time installing on glass

    I would switch to SPLASH or Rapidtac for app fluid, I was using the homemade and had issues same as you. Switched to SPLASH from USCutter and no issues since...knock on wood And 751 is cast and longer life span too instead of 651
  13. security802

    Nissan Titan

    All set I found one that worksed
  14. security802

    Nissan Titan

    I am hunting for a top view of a Nissan Titan XD, any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you