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  1. 3barefoot

    4wheeler Wrap

    Should I try both just regular vinyl and 3M? I have some 3M that close to the print I want already. I just think the 3M would be more forgiving than regular vinyl. And yes as for replacement parts..... I had to buy both side panels. The person I bought this 4 wheeler from didn't have them on.
  2. 3barefoot

    4wheeler Wrap

    https://powersportswraps.com/product/muddy-girl-camouflage/ This is what I'm looking. I just don't need 4'x10' of it. What you have said makes sense. Which is why I really don't want to buy a kit online and it not stick.
  3. 3barefoot

    4wheeler Wrap

    I am thinking about wrapping my own 4wheeler. I went to my local vinyl dealer and all they would do was try to talk me out of doing it. I have maybe 3 parts of the atv that will be wrapped. It has a dump bed on the back, so only the front and side panels by the motor will be done. I know my local dealer means well, but if I'm willing to do it why not just sell me what I'm asking? It is MY atv, so I'm not on a time line, nor do I having to worry about making someone mad if they don't like my work. I know I need air release, I also have a snap on heat gun, and rapid tac to help keeping it from sticking right away. Any other tips???
  4. 3barefoot

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    I sent that in when I first signed up. Then they sent an email asking for all that other info.
  5. 3barefoot

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    Why must Sanmar make it so hard? They have sent a email requesting the equipment I have, some of my designs I sale. If I want to buy your shirts what does it matter what I do with them?
  6. 3barefoot

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    I have sent in a request to SanMar. I mostly make shirts for myself, family, baseball moms, & for our workers here at our mechanic shop. Right now I'm making shirts for my family to wear at our Hotdog Stand at the NC state fair. This year makes 70 years my family has owned a stand out there. So I want something that will hold up and not be see through lol Thanks everyone
  7. I use Shirtspace 95% of the time. Just wanted to see what else was out there and who everyone uses. I mostly buy Gildan 6oz. Shirtspace has them for $2.13 right now for basic colors like white. I'm getting ready to place an order of 40 white t-shirts. Just thought I would ask.
  8. 3barefoot

    Go-C Graphics

    Off topic.... Nice work by the way! I LOVE the LED signs. But how is Etsy going for you? I have got to look into making some extra money and start pushing my stuff more. TIA
  9. 3barefoot

    Name Banner Blanks/Software

    I have seen & have bought a sign like this at the NC State Fair a few years ago. It's printed on. You pick the sign and give them the name. For a extra price you can get it framed. You return in an hour or so to pick the banner up. To me it's not really a banner as much as a long poster. I bought a NY Yankees one for my Son & a dolphin one for my daughter. Its a neat item and I myself would love to able to add it.
  10. Have you checked around your area to see if there is local vinyl shop that sells to the public? I have one here in NC that is like 15 mins from me. I like going there because if someone orders a color I know I'm not going to use again, I do not have to buy a whole roll of that ugly/crazy color. Prices at my local shop are not to bad. Also if I need something printed on 3M I can get that done there too crazy cheap if I do the artwork. Just a thought.
  11. 3barefoot

    Blank Garden Flags For HTV?

    If you are on Facebook there are some pages that have buy in deals.
  12. The local shop only printed them for me. I had to pick them up and come back to my shop and press. I had the logo so there was no setup fee. I pressed all the shirts front and back.
  13. Check into ordering transfers. I had to do 80 shirts for a ball team listing their winnings on the back. I went to Transfer express and got them for $161. You can try out Transfer express for free and mess with their layouts. If you use your own logo/artwork it always cost more. That's when you check your local vinyl dealers and see if they do custom printing. My local shop cut TE's price by more than half. I had a local shop print the front logo which was 3 colors. 80 of those cost me $79. Best thing about going that way.... I didn't have to weed a thing!!
  14. 3barefoot

    Some people just keep on...

    I am glad I didn't do the shirts now that I have seen a picture. I wouldn't want my name no where near them. They look poor. I don't get why they didn't go local with a screen print company for the fronts.
  15. 3barefoot

    Some people just keep on...

    I should have just waited one more day to send anything to her. I just picked up a plumbing company that has 4 trucks they want done. So then I could have just told her I'm sorry you didn't place your order in time. But then again, I'm glad she is done with. She can bug that man to death like she did me. I did put watermarks on the images I sent her. I normally don't, but with her I just had that feeling from the start. I'm going to write up so guide lines just for mess like with her. I do this just as a side job, I don't push it to sell. If it sells it sells if it don't it don't. My husband owns a mechanic shop, I run his office and I have my cutter and everything at his shop.