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  1. 211 Grafix

    Free Military Clip Art

    Hi OWJones!! I have bought from you (fishing & Hunting) and didn't know it was someone on this forum! I grabbed a copy of the Heroes and from a 26 year army Vet... THANK YOU! I'll be buying from you again!
  2. 211 Grafix

    211 Grafix projects

  3. 211 Grafix

    Vehicle template needed

    Like the guys above, we also take a quick picture, sells WAY better. Also if it's a "ship to" customer that isn't close we have went to the local car dealership and measured and take'n pictures of the same year/type vehicle or camper many times!
  4. 211 Grafix

    Screen Printing info wanted

    I found a local guy that charges me a wholesale price on everything, from screen burns, color changes, to pulling the colors. He would rather work with graphics guys/gals .. Our art work is usually done, all he has to do is print the film and burn a screen. Huge markup and a win - win for everyone. If you talk with some local screen printers and work out a deal, you'll be money ahead,, a hell of a lot quicker than buying a screen printer, flash dryer, screen wash, ect..
  5. 211 Grafix


    order from www.discountmugs.com.. you can't do'm for what they get! Awesome prices and great mark up!!
  6. 211 Grafix

    Who prints koozies?

    go to discountmugs.com price them out and recharge your customers.. can't beat their prices and you can mark them up big time!!!
  7. Old school used to think that way, everyone has gmail, yahoo, whatever.. Like was stated above, most domain address are WAY to long.... and if your domain site isn't set up for "mobile" viewing your loosing a ton of views. If you're not on google +, twitter, pintrest, it seems you're falling behind in the social media world big time. Changing world everywhere! Heck it's a full time job just updating that crap! But hey, it sure works!!! hahaha
  8. 211 Grafix

    camo gun wraps

    Awesome find!! We do hydro graphics, but this looks sweet!!! THANKS FOR THE INFO!!
  9. 211 Grafix

    Laser Level

    just make sure truck or trailer,,, whatever your working on is level first!!
  10. 211 Grafix

    Laser Level

    we use the craftsman. We just put some blue tape on the magnets to protect the paint. They work great for large projects that have rounded sides and no reference line to measure from.
  11. 211 Grafix

    Laser Level

    Yes, we use them. Saves time and time is money...
  12. 211 Grafix

    Has anyone heard of WVGEAR.com?

    7 inches, just get hooked up with someone that will sell you (or print it) to fit.. hem it up, letter it and boom done.
  13. 211 Grafix


    We farm out all our embroidery and screen print work out. Check with your locals.. Our guy was more than happy to gives us a wholesale pricing and provided the retail sales sheets and everything!! Make good money just emailing and sending!! $$$
  14. 211 Grafix

    Lettered up a dump truck today

    Looks great!
  15. 211 Grafix

    Lettered up a dump truck today

    Depends on price, your shop or theirs... 35-50 bucks an hour for removal, decals around $120.00....... ballpark anyway..