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  1. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    Ah i knew i was goofing up somewhere on my math . Thanks
  2. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    Ok so 96x32=3072 / 12 =256 I had the math right i just used the wrong symbol typing it out. so 256 sq ft x $5 is $1280. But thats still one layer, that seems way too high..1280x2layers = $2560. this is roughly 3 feet by 8 feet, 2 layers.
  3. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    Is my math right? 96x32= 3072" ×12 = 256. So 256sq ft x $5 = $1280
  4. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    No its going on a truck and a tank.
  5. Got a customer that wants two large decals/signs. Will be red and black, red ontop of black, oracal 651. First one is 96" x 32" Second one is 16" x 40". Be basic wording with a box around it. Customer is supplying all artwork. I only have a 24" cutter so i will have to do the 96x32 in sections. Thanks
  6. gcextreme

    Signblazer just started doing weird stuff

    Ok i downloaded the other version and now my older sbd files wont open directly. I can open the program and goto open and browse and open the files fine. They just wont open from the desktop
  7. gcextreme

    Signblazer just started doing weird stuff

    Damit lol. I rebooted and it didnt do anything. Guess i will have to reinstall it tomorrow. Been doing ok...making just enough to keep my shop open. Had about $19k in sales in 2016...up from $14k in 2015. Dakota can u send me an email at gc_extreme@hotmail i seem to have lost yours and i need some stuff printed again.
  8. I now have yellow lines in my work space and now when i double click on an item that has been converted to curves its not giving me the wireframe/node stuff..it just disappears. It was working fine earlier and now its doing this weird stuff. https://youtu.be/f7xLhO-KyvQ
  9. gcextreme

    need download for sign blazer elements

    Slice do u still have a copy of this version?
  10. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    im not blaming the cutter...i just think its a static issue.
  11. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Just because its old...doesn't mean it just stops working...it doesn't have an expiration date for when it no longer can't work.. hell i still have a desktop running Windows XP and another one with Windows 98. I could care less if its no longer supported...its been working with the cutter for 4 years....no reason for it to just quit or start having random issues out of the blue
  12. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Yea i dont have a clue what screw to use on the cutter tho. I am using SignBlazer..same software i have been using since i started in 2012...this issue just started a few months ago..
  13. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Still having issues with this...i think i may need to ground the machine to the frame? anyone done this and know what bolt/screw i should use?
  14. gcextreme

    Edge Lit Glass

    Any update on the bases??
  15. Nope, not interested in moving to St Cloud where its getting over ran by Somalians or Minneapolis where its over ran by Liberals and LGBTs. I live in the triangular area of Alexandria, Glenwood, and Sauk Center really, i can get business from all those areas, plus TONS OF SMALL Towns inbetween. From Brooten, Blegrade, Osakis, Starbuck, and the list goes on and on. Im not interested in moving into a large city, where theres no where to ride my bike and no outdoor gun range to shoot my guns. Theres a nice gun range, right outside town, and 2nd Amendment products are a big seller to them. Plus the crime rates in those large cities are just sky-rocketing. So no thanks. I prefer to stay in my small towns and grow and help my local community and local economy.