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  1. SeeJaysPlace

    Shirt Orders

    nope a screen printer has to print them for you
  2. SeeJaysPlace

    Shirt Orders

    Depends on your market, My Dye Sub Printer collects more dust then I use it! I mainly use it for my kids projects! and I do not buy ink from sawgrass, I buy 3rd party ink and it works good off of amazon $49 instead of $325 from sawgrass Dye sub is good for coffee mugs, and mouse pads, name tags and stuff like that. Christmas ornaments. But I do not do any of those really. I would buy plastisol transfers and bring a heat press and some blank shirts
  3. SeeJaysPlace

    Shirt Orders

    I do dye sub only %5 of my business I do not like doing it so I really don't try and sell it lol I do it more for my daughters lol just like my rhinestones lol
  4. SeeJaysPlace

    Can you heat press screen print?

    I screen print front and put htv vinyl on the back all the time like names and #'s
  5. SeeJaysPlace

    Shirt Orders

    Yep, I love owning a screen printing business. Today I did a job 20 shirts, $440 $22 a shirt they wanted them done in 24 hours so i charged a rush fee, They had sizes, sanmar's shirt code what they wanted, and had artwork it was the best time ever and it only took me 40 min to profit $260 Not a bad day really But yes I normally charge $6-8 a shirt depending on design and how many and what not!
  6. SeeJaysPlace

    Shirt Orders

  7. SeeJaysPlace

    RICOH 3110 Ink

  8. SeeJaysPlace

    RICOH 3110 Ink

    This ink is AWESOME! perfect results! 1/4 the price
  9. SeeJaysPlace

    RICOH 3110 Ink

    Normal ink from uscutter is $325 for all 4 colors has anyone tried these? I thought for $50 it was worth a try i guess.. i was trying to sell this printer cause $325 of ink was not worth the few things I do a year
  10. SeeJaysPlace

    MH721 & Mac Pro

    MH721, Throw it int he trash and walk away slowly. Then buy a Graphtec and you will be much happier lol
  11. SeeJaysPlace

    Need some one that can make me print heat transfers

    I do screen printed transfers but not that many colors? maybe you can get it sublimated? if going on a white shirt
  12. SeeJaysPlace

    Screen Printing

    Yes, Simple Seps 4 is awesome I use Union ink, and my whites are PFP also, This just was not a close up of the ink!
  13. SeeJaysPlace


    I have used sublidecal many times, and customer has never came back complaining
  14. SeeJaysPlace

    Best place to purchase T-Shirts? or I use 2 shirts mainly PC61 and DT104