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  1. Hippie459MN

    App Tape holder/dispenser

    Looks good. I need to make something like this.
  2. Hippie459MN

    34" SC2, is it worth it? *upgrade*

    I guess my next question is, what does the anti static kit consist of? I cant find any real actual picture of it. If its something I can make rather than pay $15 for something that consists of $2 in parts. EDIT: Never mind, I found it.
  3. Hippie459MN

    34" SC2, is it worth it? *upgrade*

    I think I might just pull the trigger on the SC2. The only real trouble the MH871 ever gave me was when I was using it on USB with larger images but I switched to the serial cable and that fixed that and I had to replace the Z axis chip in it twice because of static but other than that, it worked great for me for what I needed it for. One day I will buy something much better if I ever decide to really step up my vinyl game.
  4. I have a MH871 that I have had for about 12 years now and recently it stopped responding out of nowhere ( http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/57643-mh871-suddenly-stopped-responding-at-all/). Sadly it seem that my MH871 too old and they no longer carry parts for it so im looking to replace it asap. I only use it as a hobby thing so it doesnt get a ton of use so I cant justify paying thousands for a new one. I would if I could afford it and it was going to be generating enough revenue to justify the cost in a short time. So my question is, is the SC2 a good choice for a small upgrade or should I just get another MH871? Also, will the SC2 work with SignBlazer ok? Its my preferred software as I have save a ton of stuff in it and after 12 years, I just know it and it works more than enough for what I need it for. Thanks.
  5. Hippie459MN

    MH871 suddenly stopped responding at all.

    I was looking at them. I just might do that. Im going to see if US cutter has any parts for this older MH871 also. Your link just goes right back to this topic. Also, I dont know why it would all of a sudden just stop working after like 4 or 5 years when no setting or anything have changed. I think something on the cutters motherboard finally bit the dust maybe. I have had it like 12 years. lol
  6. Hippie459MN

    MH871 suddenly stopped responding at all.

    The thing is, absolutely nothing has changed since I used it last that I can see. If the serial cable is plugged in, it will send the job to the cutter, but the cutter itself just sits there. If I dissconect the serial cable from the cutter, then I will get the "error initializing cutter" message. I am wondering if the I/O board is bad maybe. I dont know. I wish I had another computer to check it with. I totally redid my office and my mother helped me and she moved the cutter (on the stand, which was on the wood floor) and she never unplugged it or anything when she moved it so im wondering if maybe static got to something. And it being older, im guessing parts arent going to be a thing unless I can find someone with one they have laying around. lol
  7. I have a very early model MH871 (Non MK2 model) and its been great for a lot of years but all of a sudden I went to use it and in Signblazer it will say its sending output to cutter but the cutter doesnt respond what so ever. It just sits there and does nothing. If I press the test button on the cutter it will make the little test pattern just fine. If I disconnect the DB9 (Serial) cable from the cutter or computer it will say it cant initialize so it is communicating somewhat cause it know if its connected to the computer or not. Im on a Win7 machine hooked up via the serial port (Not USB. Was having issue with that a while back). Now I hadnt cut anything for about 3-4 months and its was moved since a bit and I turned it on the other day, went to cut a job, and nothing. Any ideas? Mother board? Z-Axis chip (I think I have one or two around here as I have had to replace them before). Maybe the memory chip? I do have some 4mb memory chips that have never been installed. Any help or ideas would be great. Nothing on my computer has changed as its pretty much used only for my cutter.
  8. Hippie459MN

    Help with a logo

    I am working on restoring a boat and want to cut the original logo that is on it and I am having a heck of a time getting a clean cuttable image from this. This is the best picture I have and would be awesome if someone could help me out. Sadly I stink at tracing stuff with not so good images. I have attached the image and also, here is a link to the original image encase the web site resizes it any. http://www.hippie459mn.com/downloads/IMG_20170408_010649.jpg I am using SignBlazer with .eps files if that makes any difference. Thank you.
  9. Hippie459MN

    Pricing question

    Thank you!!! I dont know how the heck I ever missed that.
  10. Got a quick question. I have been doing this for years as a hobby and not really doing any real business but now I have a friend that wants some decals cut that I designed for them and they approved the design this morning but im having a hard time trying to decide what to charge as I dont want them to feel like I am charging way to much yet dont want to feel like I am short changing myself on this job. The decals are 6"x6" using white Oracal 651 and they want a 150 of them to start. I have never really done any bulk pricing before like this so any ideas would be great. Thank you.
  11. Yes, the Z-Chip fixed my issue and yes, I have a few left. Will send you a message.
  12. Well, I went to a friends house tonight and tried it on his new MH 871 (Literately a month old) and pretty much got the same results but it was a bit cleaner. Im starting to wonder if its a combination of the file and the cutter. Whats weird is the text part of the file is right from within signblazer so wouldnt imagine there would be a big issue with it cutting but maybe I am wrong. And no it is not pulling from the roll. Also today I did try to clean the tracks that the roller sit in and that didnt help but man were they dirty. lol I tried adding a bit of oil to the blade to help it spin better and no go. As for the belt, it seems tight but not sure how to gauge how tight it should be. I am going to do some more testing later tonight when I get my kid to bed and report back. I will figure this out if it kills me. lol Also, thinking of trying out SCAL and see how that works or makes any kind of a difference. Seems like a lot of people are liking it. Hope they have a trial or anything so I can try before I buy.
  13. Hippie459MN

    Blade offset in SB

    I forgot about this topic before I posted this new one. Im about to go crazy with this thing here http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/42584-cutting-issues-bad-cuts-dove-tails/ Anyone have any ideas I would be open to them.
  14. I have a first generation MH 871 and this thing is about to end up in the garbage! This has been an ongoing issue and seem like its only getting worse. I know I havent changed the blade in a while so not sure if that could be part of the issue but it makes for really sloppy looking cuts and getting to the point I dont want to cut anything for anyone. I mainly use Sign Blazer but I have also tried using Sign Cut with sometimes even worse results and I am starting to think its the cutter. This thing is leaving little dove tails and it is starting to not finish a cut where it sometimes started. I have attached a picture but I will try to get a better one later. I have wasted A TON of vinyl trying to correct this issue with zero luck. If anyone has ANY ideas please let me know. I bought this cutter from US Cutter about 4 1/2 years ago and I dont ever remember it being such an issue back when I first got it but then again its been so long now. As you can tell by the letter R on the right, for whatever reason it didnt finish where it started. Its getting worse on all the letters and I have decals here I have cut 100 times over and seems like just today its cuuting them awful as well. I am using the COM port. no USB. Was on USB for a long time but had bad results with longer cuts so switched it out. I have also since updated my OS from Vista to Windows 8 and that when most my issues seemd to have started. Any help or ideas here would be awesome. I have tried adjusting the blade offset the best I can for the best corners (Currently .35 in SB and SC). I have also tried adjusting the pinch roller thinking that maybe its not tracking 100% correctly or something with zero change. In SC I have tried upping the over cut with HORRIBLE results and the default overcut is still way too much. I even took the cutter apart twice and cleaned all the wheels and the tracks for the cutter and everything is tight and on track. I have adjusted the blade depth about 20 times and messed with all kinds of speeds and pressure with no changes. I remeber seeing a few posts somewhere in here some time ago but now I cant find them or if anyone found any sollutions. This is driving me totally crazy.