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  1. bigtracy

    Stahls vs UsCutter

    Yes, Siser is ALL I use in HTV! Plus it is super easy to weed and almost always outlasts the substrate!
  2. bigtracy

    Quick intro

    Welcome from Tennessee!!
  3. bigtracy

    Rifle vectors

    Grabbed, Thanks!
  4. bigtracy


    Welcome from Tennessee!
  5. bigtracy

    Hi from Michigan

    Welcome from Tennessee!
  6. bigtracy

    Well here I am from Indiana.

    Welcome from Tennessee!!!!
  7. bigtracy

    MH-871 MK2

    I have an MH871 and had the same problem about a year ago. One day it would work and the next, nothing. I am using the serial connection and my issue ended up being the I/O board failure. Bought a new one from USC and installed it in minutes and been running great ever since! Knock on wood!
  8. bigtracy


    Very Good Work.
  9. bigtracy

    Printer for heat transfers

    I would highly recommend Ace Transfer Company if you decide to get some plastisol transfers made. I have used them for several years and have had very few problems with them! Their pricing is based on sheet size, # of colors, and quantity. You can save money by ganging together smaller designs on the same sheet!
  10. bigtracy

    T shirt project from today

    I agree it is very durable and if you want it to last longer, turn the shirts inside out when washed, and hang up to dry. the repeated exposure to the dryer is what I have seen causes early cracking of the vinyl. Having said that, I still use the dryer for all my easy weed shirts and still get at least 2 years out of them before excessive cracking. I use 305 degrees and 20 seconds press time with heavy pressure and never had a problem ; that is as long as I don't forget to mirror before cutting!
  11. bigtracy

    Layered truck door

    I like it! I would charge around $75.00 per door.
  12. bigtracy

    Support our troops

    I think that looks really good!
  13. bigtracy

    USMC for my brothers topper.

    Look really nice!
  14. bigtracy


    Grabbed them, Thanks!