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  1. JettXpress

    font matches

    Hello I am trying to match these fonts and very new to this. I have been trying to use "Find my Font" and I am no good at it. Any ideas?
  2. JettXpress

    font matches

    I tried to find some better quality images of this design and still cant get it to work in Find my Font
  3. JettXpress

    font matches

    Hey there, I am attempting to recreate a few projects for personal use and trying to find the fonts used Can anyone help find these fonts? Very new to finding free fonts any and all help Is appreciated! Images attached of desired fonts. Thank you!
  4. JettXpress

    Font Type "Formal Script"

    Wildgoose, Thank you!! This is perfect
  5. JettXpress

    Font Type "Formal Script"

    Hello Everyone, I traced this image back to this site and wondering if anyone knows where I can find the "Forman Script," for download. Any help is appreciated!