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  1. Mommysrule

    sign for wedding ceremony

    I think you should use whatever fonts you want, make it unique for your couple. This is a great sign and one I will customize for my son's wedding. But it won't be exactly like this, it will be my own.
  2. Mommysrule

    Test etching

    Love this!!!!
  3. Mommysrule

    Printing needs

    Sent him a message, thanks guys!!!
  4. Mommysrule

    Printing needs

    I have not been here in so long, but I remember seeing many recommendations for a forum member who can print decals on vinyl at very good quality and prices. I have a client I am cutting decals for that also has a couple designs that need to be printed, not just cut from a couple colors. Anyone who can give me a referrence, I would appreciate it!
  5. Mommysrule

    Major Issues - Any help appreciated!

    Thank you! thank you! Have learned a lot! Appreciate everyone's time!!
  6. Mommysrule

    Major Issues - Any help appreciated!

    So you pull the backing off and press again bare on the vinyl???
  7. Mommysrule

    Major Issues - Any help appreciated!

    Ok, so sounds like my first step is to check to make sure my press is actually accurate in its temperature settings. Then start going higher temp with more pressure and testing the shirts over 24 hours later to see how they hold up. The worst that can happen is that I end up with a bunch of black t-shirts that used to have vinyl on them but finally get it all figured out and start making good t-shirts! Sounds like a plan! Thanks for everything! I will let you know in a few days how it goes. And maybe I need to find out more about this teflon sheet thing and how to use it exactly.
  8. Mommysrule

    Major Issues - Any help appreciated!

    I just have the US Cutter $299 Clamshell 15x15 press. As far as teflon sheet? I have no idea what you are talking about there, lol I know these shirts were first washed well over 24 hours after I pressed them. I will, though, check the temp!
  9. Having a major problem with heat transfer vinyl peeling from t-shirts. Fortunately they were made for my own business, and not for clients or anything. Using Siser Easy Weed white on black 100% pre-shrunk cotton, heat pressing for recommended 13-15 sec at 305, hot peel. Looks beautiful when first done, but after a single wash inside out as recommended, the vinyl peels right off without even tearing. It just seems to let go of the shirt. Could this be due to further shrinkage of the shirt? Or do I need to press it longer despite Siser recommendations? Please, there must be something I am doing wrong, or I have the wrong shirts for SEW or hell, I just don't know....Makes me want to cry when I see it just peel right off like it was a temporary sticker.
  10. Mommysrule

    You know what this is??????

    w00t! Congrats!
  11. Mommysrule

    Just showing off.

    EL, I will definitely do that! I am at home now, machine and all the screwed up vinyl is at my office. I will take pics tomorrow and show what I can cut and how any letters show up...
  12. Mommysrule

    Creative Tools of the Trade

    GC....OMG your shop looks amazing!!!
  13. Mommysrule

    Just showing off.

    Alright, now this just annoys the hell out of me. I have an SC and can cut a 4 in high zombie with ragged clothing and every little detail is cut perfectly. But if I try to cut any size letters, they look like the carriage is not on track, just jumping all over the place. I want to make text that little and so perfectly! I am still fighting it to figure out why my paths mess up so bad. I am not running them as fonts, but as created AI images with the paths set up. And well, even if I use scal fonts, the same thing happens. Is it this stupid software that has me wasting so much vinyl? I know my blade is set well because an image is perfect, but letters are never usable.
  14. Mommysrule

    I better say Hello

    Thanks WildGoose, I love taters from Idaho, just thought I would let you know that. I have Adobe CS6 now, have been using these programs for many years, have never tried the Corel graphics programs.
  15. Mommysrule

    I better say Hello

    Thank you everyone! Glad to be here! No Go-C, I did not hear about the time Jay broke the internet, but I can't wait to hear all about it!!