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  1. BIGMAX - message sent. MZ SKEETER - thanks. just the info i needed. I had seen the Liyu but wasn't for sure.
  2. i have a SC cutter and my middle pinch roller broke. A pc that holds the roller in broke off.. I looked at USCutter for another but they are out of stock. I can't seem to find another . Any help on where to get one would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
  3. TT57

    vinyl type - cast

    I have been asked to put logos - (small) on weight/workout equipment. I am thinking it is on parts like the racks that hold the weights, etc. Metal parts. What would be your suggestion as to the vinyl grade to use ? Would i need cast vinyl ? Not sure if the metal is textured or not. Thanks for the help. It has been a long time since i have visited this site. Been too busy with sublimation but somehow vinyl always comes back. :)
  4. TT57

    gaiter mask graphics

    i work with some guys that are outdoors on third shift that would like cool gaiter mask graphics. Has anyone out there printed ( sublimation ) some ? They are looking for the skull - of course - they are young men - but want to incorporate our colors in them. Purple/orange. Also the grunge style flag with purple/orange stripe like they do the police or firefighter flags. Thanks all.
  5. TT57

    security guard badge

    you are correct Macon Innovations. My sons Fire Chief wants two tumblers ETCHED for some security friends. Thanks.
  6. TT57

    security guard badge

    been doing some etching on RTIC tumblers and have a request for a security guard badge. It must be for a gift because he didn't know what it should look like. Said just a generic one. I have googled them but am torn as to what i am really looking for so that it will be impressive and not too generic. Any ideas ???? Any files already out there ? Thanks. Using SVG's
  7. TT57

    mossy oak

    I tired Mark-s, I can't find anything that I thought might be cuttable. So complex looking.
  8. TT57

    mossy oak

    looking for a vector image of a tree like in Louisiana with moss hanging from it. Any ideas ?
  9. TT57

    framing this for a friend

    3rd line - Bellow - is that supposed to be Below ?
  10. TT57

    one sticker I hated to make

    that's sorry that has happened though. My son is a FF so it hits home.
  11. TT57

    coreldraw x5 download

    Hey Eazy, did u find a download. I updated to W10 this weekend and lost my version . It just won't open. I can view the jpegs and such but the app won't open. NO - i don't have a disc either. Looked all over. Really need to organize i suppose.
  12. TT57

    Will scalp3 work with windows 10

    i suppose if SCAL3 is running ok on 10 then SCAL4Pro will also. Anyone else with input? Considering installing 10 before hooking up my new printer Sawgrass SG400.
  13. TT57

    Conde's Black Friday Sale

    got the replacement in today. found my original box in the attic and gonna put the new one in that since i have to send the bad one back in the box the new one is in. Not even gonna hook it up. Now to decide where to get the Ricoh. I have a USC in town i get stuff from so i could save on shipping but wondered about customer service and setting up profiles. Have heard good things about other places. Saving on shipping might be worth getting in town.
  14. TT57

    Conde's Black Friday Sale

    well Epson is replacing it once again. #4 in a yr. Thinking on selling it before i take it out of the box to go with the Ricoh. WOW though. l looked at the price of the cartridges for the Ricoh. Lowest is saw was $75 for one color. whew. !!!!
  15. TT57

    Yeti Mug

    I need a better bucket for my dust collection. Mine caves in when on. Not totally but just the sides suck in. Still works but i know adjustments are necessary but don't know what. One thing would be a better bucket and not the Lowes bucket.