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  1. rlvied

    Mask material recomendations

    very makes 2 different paint mask that can be used. One is just normal the other is a high temp; mask for high temp as is baking the paint. the paint mask is easy to remove
  2. rlvied

    Go-C Graphics

    Go-c nice work. I like the led standoffs but they are costly. Is it hard to recoup the money for them and the piece?
  3. rlvied

    Another CNC sign

    Nice job Mark. Looks great
  4. rlvied

    Feeling helpless

    So sorry for your loss
  5. rlvied

    Did anyone miss me??

    Welcome back Martin, been gone for awhile myself
  6. rlvied

    Starting a new project

    Dakota yes hide glue can be a challenge the first time. I used powered glue and it was too strong. It is also not easy to prepare, with needing to soak the glue and get the right temp on the glue. The humidity has to be low when you do it
  7. rlvied

    Go-C Graphics

    Go-c I would like to get back to etching glass and stone But with taking care of my 95 yr. old mother in law it maybe a little while. I would like another chance to do it a little bit better I have so much glass that I need to use or through away
  8. rlvied

    Starting a new project

    Nice work Scott. The gold leaf looks good. When ever I do gold leaf I always back it with yellow paint so if there is a pin hole the yellow paint will not show as much. This summer I want to try my hand again with some glue chipping glass.
  9. rlvied

    Go-C Graphics

    Nice work Go c. Wish I had more time to do some etching. Have not blasted anything since before Thanksgiving.
  10. rlvied

    Blasted Glass

    Nice work
  11. rlvied

    Flight glasses & tips for etching

    Nice work Cal. Good idea
  12. rlvied

    Etching Stone

    I usually spray a couple of light coats of paint. There is a product I also use called Lithochrome monument paint that dries fast but is coastly so I don't use it unless I have to. The Lithochrome is used mostly for doing headstones and monuments. If the stone is porious I usually spray a light coat of clear first to seal the stone so the paint doesn't run under the stencil.
  13. rlvied

    Couple of etchings I did lately.

    Yea Martin you have to love the small details when doing a piece where they are that small. That is the part I like best, it puts you into a zone where you have to think of only that and not any other problems. It's like free therapy
  14. rlvied

    Couple of etchings I did lately.

    Nice work Martin. What made your logo so hard to weed?
  15. rlvied

    Help with font

    Thank you so much Mark. I should have just ask you to start with and saved myself alot of time.