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  1. OK so i have an epson 2760 ecotank. It prints great, when i print normally or from photo shop, but when i use Cricut print then cut, it goes to print it, it smears it. Im using Glossy sticker paper, ive tried 2 different brands of glossy and also tried a matte sticker paper. it smears on all them. IF i use photoshop to print, it prints perfect! Ive even changed settings to normal printer paper etc. any ideas? WHen i use print dialog box, it brings up the generic print dialog with minimal settings.
  2. Pcrat

    New cutter, old one went to crap.

    Few more bucks won't hurt. Decent reviews too.
  3. Ok, so its been a while since ive been around, I used to own a uscutter 34" MH Series cutter. Worked ok. The board went along with other issues. Took some time, got a new job, moved etc. So im looking at a new cutter. I know i dont have much, right now, so looking at a $300.00 budget, i know not much. Just looking to cut. Any suggestions? I know these budget machines use a stepper motor, etc. but something to get me started again, and will upgrade this summer. I got alot of people asking me again and i do miss it. something around the 30" range, well enough to cut atleast 30" rolls. Please dont hound me about budget cutters, i know i know. But right now its what i can afford, ive been saving up for a little while now. Remember, im divorced, kids, all that fun stuff lol. Thanks guys. Its good to be back!
  4. Pcrat

    lay vinyl stencil on paint,

    Ok.. I will try that.. i got the hood for free so.
  5. Pcrat

    lay vinyl stencil on paint,

    i was thinking about that but wasnt sure....i just dont want to use vinyl after clear coat, but maybe thats the best way still...
  6. Pcrat

    lay vinyl stencil on paint,

    no outgassing, lay vinyl stencil, paint 3 coats, and peel, just wondering if like the main hood color, say black hood of 3 coats, then lay vinyl lettering, paint, white 3 coats, will it blend, with the black or no? ive never done it this way, most people havent. then peel the vinyl, then clear coat the entire hood. but yea just no blending, or paint lifting with the vinyl, is what im wondering... and time frame.
  7. Pcrat

    lay vinyl stencil on paint,

    Yes , air dry, warm days, acrylic enamel, medium. 2 weeks is a while to wait to lay vinyl to lay 3 coats of base. I just don't want it to pull up the base coat at all. but also don't want to use any expensive vinyl just for stencils. No flakes or nothing special, just standard colors. gonna be for my "man cave".
  8. I have a car hood, i am going to paint. I have some text etc im gonna do on it, primer, then 3 layers of base coat, but i cant clear coat, i want to cut some vinyl lettering stencils, lay them on the hood, paint, then peel the vinyl, but how long should i wait on the paint, before laying the temp vinyl down, to paint, im going to peel it back up, is there maybe a low tac vinyl i can cut for stencils? since im laying it on the actual paint, and not the clear coat... Thanks Edit: this is automotive paint of course, for those who think im gonna use latex, umm no.
  9. Pcrat

    Something for me, T-shirts, and Vinyl

    I like customized stuff more, rather than just an image to cut or print. i know me printing or cutting these for my own personal is probably not good but im not profiting from it, just for looks really, for me. I get alot of asks about logos, and i just can't do it for them. not work the $5.00 they pay me, and the huge fine i can incur from it. Most people want customized things anyways now. People want stuff that noone else has! uniqueness then they say HEY!!! where on gods green earth did you find that shirt!! or that glass, or that decal!! or that banner!!
  10. Wall was bare, so decided to do this for the wall. The vikings, is a frame with glass, i took white wrap vinyl and wrapped the glass, since it was broke, can notice it now. Then did the vikings on top of it. My 3 favs!
  11. Pcrat

    WF-7520 CIS ink issue

    alright i can check it out! anything to help too! Thanks! where does the ink go when doing head cleans, isnt there a sponge or something, wont it get soaked need to be replaced??
  12. Pcrat

    Changing inks type

    Yep, i think im gonna change from pigment to sub. I can do more with sub, than this pigment ink. Glad its not that hard to switch inks. \You should be able to keep the same tanks correct? just flush the tanks/lines out and cartridges? or just buy new tanks too?
  13. Pcrat

    WF-7520 CIS ink issue

    EDIT, 7th head clean fixed it! holy crap!
  14. Pcrat

    WF-7520 CIS ink issue

    I have the WF-7520 Epson I printed out a picture of a black chevy truck, the image had pretty much all the colors in it. printed out perfect, next picture 3 minutes later, printed ok but with lines through it, so i did a head cleaning. ( all colors even black ) Now the nozzle check comes out like u see in the picture, Ive done 5 head cleans so far, the black is getting better, the blue gets good, then back to only a few dots , I also keep getting cartridge error on different ones at different times, all the hoses are full its pulling ink from the tanks fine. just all the sudden happened. any suggestions, i dont know how many head cleanings i can do, I print about a few times ever couple weeks been busy with work and kids lately so. never ran into this before. Thanks
  15. thats what i was thinking, yea it would be impossible to do the whole thing, as a whole.. i will give that shot on on my glasses first that has close the the same curve...