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  1. xdesign305

    Need the name of this....

    Thank you very much. FOUND IT!!!! Its called Danger Night
  2. xdesign305

    Need the name of this....

    Trying to find this font but no luck. Reminds me alot of the Black Drama font, but Black Drama is relatively smoother than this one. Has anyone seen this one before?
  3. xdesign305

    New to sublimation need help please

    By any chance did you touch it where this is happening? Maybe the oil of your fingers...It doesn't look like ghosting but I could be wrong. Also, change the temp and try a sleeve to hold the paper tightly around the tumbler. I use A sub paper and I have had great results.
  4. xdesign305

    Quick Sublimation job anyone?

    I have a 20oz skinny tumbler ready for sublimation, if that size is good for you I'll do it if you haven't found anyone yet.
  5. xdesign305

    Changing layout cut sequence

    Sometimes you have to make sure that both media width sizes are the same on both windows. On your vinyl spooler click on cut options and make sure your media width is the same 20" as previous window.
  6. xdesign305

    Sizes difference......

    I get what you're saying. This file is just text. theres nothing else there. Another thing that I noticed last night was if I add an outline to a text and I cut it out in a different color (black outline with white text) they don't seem to line up correctly. I have calibrated the machine and made the corrections. Something seems off. I guess I'll be troubleshooting today. Thank you
  7. Hello. Has anyone encountered this problem before? So I used VinylMaster DSR v4.3 and recently found this difference. The file size is different than the size on the spooler preview. It cuts out in the size that's on the file. What's weird is that it's just the width. Any help on how to fix this?
  8. xdesign305


    I have downloaded the latest driver for the card. If i go to the settings on photoshop, it recognizes the video card. On the control panel of the video card the only software that it shows up is Illustrator. Going to contact Adobe to see if theres a solution for this because photoshop is useless to me if I cant open a file up. I did download GIMP also. Hopefully I can get familiar with it during this long weekend.
  9. xdesign305


    A little back story. I was running Windows 10 and everything was great......up until my hard drive crashed. Got a new computer that came with windows 11. Installed all previous software from previous desktop(Illustrator, VinylMaster and Photoshop) Here is the issue Im having with Photoshop. I can open it and I can create a file. What I can. not do is open a file...png, jpeg, psd anything. Its crashes completely. No error messages just crashes. I wonder if the NVIDIA Card thats installed is the problem... Has anyone come across this or has anyone heard of this issue before? Thanks
  10. xdesign305

    Need help......again

    Awesome! I really appreciate the help.
  11. xdesign305

    Need help......again

    Thank you Wildgoose. I will definitely look into purchasing the Find-My-Font program. This was a one time thing...this customer said can you make my name in this font......But its not a bad idea to buy that program.
  12. xdesign305

    Need help......again

    Thanks but they're close. The Rs are different so is the P. It kind of looks like they're different fonts that make up this word.....
  13. xdesign305

    Need help......again

    Good morning, Hopefully someone here has worked with this font before. I can't seem to find this one. I'm looking for the "performance" font. Thanks in advance
  14. xdesign305

    Font ID Help!!!

    I actually purchased the font LOL
  15. xdesign305

    Font ID Help!!!

    Its a new client of mine. They don't have the original art file. I was thinking of having them reach out to whoever did this art. Yes I saw Callahan is the closest. I would just have to clean it up and not make it look like a brush stroke. thanks for your help!!