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  1. smokeybearfan

    Here we go...

    Marker Felt (Regular)
  2. smokeybearfan

    A little help please

    Friday 13 is Unreal Tournament (Regular) I figured it out. The second one is the one Sound and lighting
  3. smokeybearfan

    A little help please

    What is this font it is driving me crazy, Thanks
  4. smokeybearfan

    Early winter

    25° here now and snowing. Just a light snow covering. Roads are getting slick. I68 is closed from a accident now.
  5. smokeybearfan

    Plastic letters

    Some one here did a church a assembly of God church. I think they were repointing the cement it the brick and removed the letters embly of God. Leaving the name of the church on the first line. Ass.....on the second Chruch on the last line. We still joke about that one when we ride by it.
  6. smokeybearfan


    Congrats on all the years.
  7. smokeybearfan

    prayers for John

    Hope its only stones. They will pass but oh my they are painful. You can hit the high notes when they pass.
  8. smokeybearfan

    boot looking font

    Here it is J
  9. smokeybearfan

    Dad ups and walking

    Great news. They sure get them up moving fast now.
  10. smokeybearfan

    today is dads surgery

    Prayers sent from the mountains of Western MD.
  11. smokeybearfan

    Some recent work

    Those eyes are great
  12. smokeybearfan

    Feels like I'm cheating on USCutter forum

    I just picked up the Escape a week ago for my daughter to drive to college. I saw your truck MB very nice ride.
  13. smokeybearfan

    Feels like I'm cheating on USCutter forum

    I bleed blue. I have 3 Ford trucks now.My other vehicles are a escape,a Focus, 73 Mustang and enough parts I gathered up to build another truck or two.
  14. smokeybearfan

    Feels like I'm cheating on USCutter forum and are my hang outs. I'm a mod on those sites actually. Also on therangerstation some and a few other sites.