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  1. stuart

    need a bit of help please

    Thanks guys for your help the client changed her mind on the font. stu
  2. stuart

    need a bit of help please

    Hi Guys can anyone name this font or one like it PLEASE stu
  3. stuart

    need this vector

    hows this stu 8 ball.eps
  4. stuart

    tatty jolly roger flag wanted

    Thanks i added it to my logos stu
  5. stuart

    Help please

    Hi guys Could do with a bit of help please. been sent the attached file to put on a shirt, but cant get my head around it. i need it as a vector, but cant het it into vector magic or inkscape. i thinks its a jpg saved as a pdf.corel trace is very poor, could someone help me out please stu Shirt print example.pdf
  6. stuart


    Great works stu
  7. stuart

    suzuki or 50

    Thanks Jay that is a cracking video stu
  8. stuart

    suzuki or 50

    This is the one i need stu
  9. stuart

    suzuki or 50

    Hi guys Got a restoration job on A suzuki or50 need the logo Thanks in advance Stu
  10. stuart

    need a bit of help again please

    Cheers guys. used metal lord in the end stu
  11. stuart

    need a bit of help again please

    Anyone know this font please stu
  12. stuart

    need a font

    Cheers mark thats the one stu
  13. stuart

    need a font

    Need to recreate this font any one know what it is please stu
  14. stuart

    Imagination Blocks, plus Elephant

    Like it Stu
  15. stuart


    Thanks guys you people make this the best forum out there. stu