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  1. Coaster36

    Logo design feedback

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I liked the bottom two myself. Its hard designing logos. Its something I want to get more practice doing.
  2. Coaster36

    Logo design feedback

    Thanks everyone, they picked the top left as their new logo. Does anyone have an feedback. Logo design is hard! And im far from an artist. Would you guys do anything different?
  3. Coaster36

    Logo design feedback

    Can ya'll critique these logo designs for a local farmers market I shop at.
  4. Coaster36

    Starting a new project

    Excellent! I vote for an oak frame with an antique stain. It'll look like you pulled it out of an old salon in the wild wild west.
  5. Coaster36

    CNC update

    What plans are you using if you dont mind me asking? Have you been on CNCzone? So far its the best CNC forum Ive found.
  6. Coaster36

    CNC update

    Awesome! Im in the planning stages of my own CNC build. Im not going to build a big one. Maybe 2x2, It will mainly be used to build the larger one once I get out of the military, moving a large CNC every 4 years doesnt sound like a good idea. Keep us updated on the build! Are you building from scratch or from plans or a kit?
  7. Coaster36

    VinylMaster Cut V4.0 Issue

    Are you using import or open? If you want to bring a file into vinyl master other than a vdoc you have to use import.
  8. Coaster36

    Need help how to do a job.

    I will admit that its a good test to all the features that I dont normally use in vinylmaster. Ill at least learn a lot with this job.
  9. Coaster36

    Need help how to do a job.

    Yeah your right skarekrow. Im going to do it the right way and just design all of it. So far its not to bad to weed, well see what I say after doing 50 yards worth...
  10. Coaster36

    Need help how to do a job.

    like this, the punched vinyl will be the holes on top and bottom, then I'll cut white squares to make the frames. Does anyone else have an ideas for accomplishing this?
  11. Coaster36

    Need help how to do a job.

    I plan you use the punched vinyl just for the feed holes that are on a film real. Im going to lay the black down and then go back over with each individual "frame" and lay the white on top of the black to give the look of film.
  12. Coaster36

    Need help how to do a job.

    My church would like me to lay some vinyl in a movie room. The plan is to make the vinyl look like a movie film that runs all the way around the room. So it will include some pretty long runs, the longest is about 24'. My plan is to use 15" punched black vinyl and lay it around the room and then go back over with the individual "frames" and stick them to the black and be done. The "frames" are just going to be squares with rounded corners. There is no rush to the job so if it takes 3 days then whatever. With that idea would you guys use application tape for the black or just center hinge it and then try not to stretch it. Or break it up into smaller sections and overlap the seams? What kind of ways would you guys tackle this type of job? Im ordering the vinyl soon so tell me what you guys think.
  13. Coaster36

    At my wits end.

    The only things Id suggest is to change your registration marks. Put them at the top of your image. The extra vinyl you lose is better then messing up the whole layer and re-cutting. Then just take your time lining up. A light table really helps or a big window you can work on during a sunny day. You can place parchment paper in between the layers while layering to help alignment. Another thing to do is flip the new layer over and remove the backing then lower it down just below the registration marks then you can see clearly where they are, once they are lined up and stuck to the layer underneath then you can remove the backing from the rest. Im not sure that was clear but I found that way on youtube and its been helpful.
  14. I made this with my graphtec long ago.
  15. Coaster36

    Cutting offset from the file

    Have you viewed the file in wire frame? Maybe there is something hidden under your file. If all else fails I would redraw everything in a new file. Maybe its corrupted. That's a weird problem.